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6.06 Collaboration

6.06 Collaboration: Careers in Government Career: Judges Group Members: -Group Leader: Kalli Kavouklis -Researcher: Louenda Villasseau -Graphic Designer: Sowmya Junuthula

Kalli Kavouklis

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of 6.06 Collaboration

Judge Judges read or listen to allegations made by many different types of people from all walks of life What do Judges do? They examine evidence in criminal cases to determined a person fate if evidence will support charges being made. They do their best to safely guard the legal rights of each and everyone involved inside the courtroom they also make sure that rules and procedures are followed properly Judges have the resposibilities of sentencing defendant in criminal cases,determined the liability of a defendant in a civil case and issue licenses for marriage. Education and Training To become a judge you first have had expirence with in the field of law such as being a lawer U.S office of Personnel Management. They must have atleast
a Bachelors degree Some judges that are appointed as
a state or federal judges must
have a law degree. Because of the changing of
laws constanly
they have to stay abreast of new
developments in interpertating the law
and new laws that are passed. Careers In Government Interesting Things to Know! Interesting Things
About Judges!
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