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Copy of Copy of Copy of IS 2013-14 AIESEC India

Standardized national IS Prezi AIESEC India 2013-14

Kirti Raghu

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of IS 2013-14 AIESEC India

Russia, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Italy
Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Jordan, Cambodia, Taiwan, Vietnam,
Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand
Egypt,Tunisia, Mauritius, South Africa
Kenya, Morocco, Tanzania, Ghana

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Chile
What does Global Entrepreneurs Programme do for you?
It changes
What is AIESEC?

AIESEC is a global, non - political, independent, not-for- profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education.

Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management.
discriminate on
Benefits of Global Entrepreneurs Programme
Global perspective & International team
But really.
Why? ;)
Experience new food (cockroaches if you make it to China btw)

Cool cover/profile picture supply to last you a year at least

Be yourself because nobody will judge you (Everyone will have a different culture. All of you will come across as weird)

Ask for directions to a toilet in a language nobody understands

It makes you really really obnoxiously mind blowingly unfairly COOL.
GEP Countries-
Youth Empowerment
Health Awareness
Environmental Impact
Multicultural Education
Community Development
Women Empowerment
Child Rights
The Projects
How long is the internship going to be?
Six Weeks
Personalize your experience by an additional project aligning to your curriculum.
But where will I live?
AIESEC provides accommodation for all the students on a highly subsidized cost.
Has anyone been on a GEP from India before?
AIESEC India gives you a certificate recognizing the work you do.
Also you will be Preferred in the Global and National Partners and Universities affiliated with AIESEC in future if you go for the AIESEC Experience
These BIG ones
More than 600 students have had this life changing experience in 2012.
Will I be certified ?
Of Course you will !
- From AIESEC India
- From AIESEC in the country you went to
- From the host Organization :)
How does it relate to what I am studying?
HOW do I apply?
Step 1


Contacting an AIESEC'er
Clearing an Assessment!!
Signing a Contract
Getting registered on the AIESEC system
Attending our induction conference and forums
Step 2
Getting project offers from your preferred countries
Matching your profile with Project requirements
Exchanging ACCEPTANCE Docs
Finally getting selected
Step 3
You fly abroad for the best experience of your life :)
What are we here for ?
- Working in an Organization on a Social Issue
- A part of a Team of 15-20 Different Nationalities
- Working in an International Environment
- Project Management , Team Skills , Leadership skills , Presentation Skills , Communication Skills

Applying for VISA
National Partners
Our National Board of Advisors
Our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for
them to have a positive impact in society.
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