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JLS Case Study

chris bridgland

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of JLS

Website SEO Overhaul YouTube Social Networks Brit Awards Case Studies Best Single
Award Breakthrough Artist
Award FBML (Custom Landing Page) on Facebook page Design / Inclusion of BRITS Branded banners/call to actions across all social networks & official site Twibbon (Twitter) Campaign - over 1000 avid supporters / over 1,500 click throughs to vote Facebook Advertising - 19,000 additional fans directed too Brits Landing Page YouTube Visibility Campaign - Vote JLS - Best British Breakthrough Act - Brit Awards 2010 - #1 Most Viewed Music Video Fansites awareness and co-operation - lage scale outreach to fansites/facebook groups/pop music/lifestyle blogs for support in spreading word Results

20k + click throughs to vote from tracked banners
BRIT Award Winners
Album climbed back to top 10
Next single released month after was top 10 for over 8 weeks
YouTube Video Competition - 22,000 views Facebook Advertising
15,000 additional fans directed too Brits Landing Page Twitter ReTweet Campaign - over 3000 click throughs from twitter to vote YouTube Visibility Campaign
JLS Tour & BRIT Awards Voting - #1 Most Viewed Music Video Results

20,000+ known click throughs to vote
Increased fanbase across numerous profiles
BRIT Award winners after Cheryl Cole was favourite 2-3,000 visits a day to over 10,000 after overhaul

Concentrated on terms incl.

* JLS Official
* JLS lyrics
* JLS {song title}

After the summer and releases traffic grew up to over 20,000 uniques a day.

During 2009 it was the #1 Sony UK Artist Site, and #2 out of all after Michael Jackson beating Kings of Leon, Beyonce, Britney...

To date still after initial hype bringing over 12/13k uniques a day due to cross over strategy

Advising on content creation (covers / competitions / vlogs)

Using advanced partner status for channel branding
to increase campaign click throughs

Ensuring all video content is optimised (titles / descriptions)

All call to actions are coherent across videos

Creating community on channel via subscriptions - 25,000+ from 0 in a year.
#29 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Musicians
21 million+ video views
Numerous front page exposure campaigns Full social network strategy ensuring
content is spread across all platforms

Content spread after 4pm to ensure
post - school demographic read and share

All profiles grew dramatically thanks to
designs / release campaigns / competitions

40,000 to 500,000+ to date

3,000 to 100,000+ to date

FlickR group
2000 uploads

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