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Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix

No description

Gabrielle Wilkinson

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix

by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Bella: She is an Italian immigrant, striving to earn money for her starving family back in Italy.

Yetta: She is a Russian Jew, trying to earn enough money to fly her parents to America. She is a passionate activist for the suffrage movement.

Jane: She is daughter of an upper-class family. Her father is the owner of a major business corporation. She struggles to accept the lifestyle that her father has chosen and she ultimately chooses to leave her house and fight for the justice of people of New York and herself, as a female.

Mrs. Livingston: She is one of the three girls of whom the reader does not find out until the last chapter of the novel. She is the one who is "telling" the story and she is the only one who survives the fire.
The Suffrage Movement
The American Dream
Book Summary

is a historical fiction novel about the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City. The novel is focused
on three main characters: Bella, Yetta, and Jane. Bella
is an Italian immigrant who has recently come to
America in order to work for money to send home to
her starving family. Yetta, a Russian Jew, has been
in America for several years. She is working for
money to fly her parents to America for refuge. Jane,
an upper-class American, is the daughter of a major
business owner in the city. She is consistently
undermined because of her gender. All three girls meet
in the city and work in some degree for the Triangle
Shirtwaist factory. They also are strongly committed
to the suffrage movement and participate in many
women’s rights strikes and public events. They go on
strike to improve working conditions, but shortly after
the strike has ended, a fire breaks out in the building
and, due to unattended to safety precautions, many
workers die in the fire, included two of the main characters.
It may be more difficult for male readers to engage in because it is so focused on women's rights.
Culture greatly influences many of the characters. Cultural background information would be needed in order to avoid unnecessary barriers.

Benefits of Teaching this Novel

Character Development
Themes that are relevant to today's world

Challenges to Teaching this Novel
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