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Copy of JB 101

Post Camp JB 101 and JB Induction

Narendra Archie

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of JB 101

JB 101 (almost) everything you need to know about the JB! JB what is the jb anyway? The Junior Branch or JB is a network of young volunteers that aims to provide local activities that foster the same values that CISV has.
Though it is somewhat a part of CISV, it acts alone, it is independent, and is nurturing. Based in chapters, JBs are self governing groups that organize educational activities and support Peace Education events throughout the year.
It develops intercultural skills and attitudes through educational and administrative activities consistent with CISV goals.
JB is a GLOBAL MOVEMENT! focus on local work and action self-governing educational activities/Peace Educational events who are the jbs? we are juniors aged 13-25 who are fun, creative, dynamic, believe in peace, work towards the jb goals, and put our plans into action. how do i join the jb? if you've done a CISV program or attended any CISV or JB activity... ...then CONGRATULATIONS, you're already part of the JB! what are the benefits of being part of the jb? fun friends learning travel & experience continue the CISV experience! where can i find the jb? in Indonesia, there are 2 (+1) chapters:
Bandung (coming soon!) YOU are part of the krakatau jb! who's in charge of the JB? jb Indonesia IJB Structure what activities do we do? JB Weekend
peace one day
Farewell Party
njbc (coming soon!)
[insert your activity here] jb world IJBC
JASPARC welcome to the JB! IJR NJR NJR LJR International JuniorBranch Representative National JuniorBranch Representative National JuniorBranch Representative Local JuniorBranch Representative LJR Local JuniorBranch Representative LJR Local JuniorBranch Representative LJR Local JuniorBranch Representative Krakatau Cendrawasih Indonesia philippines cebu quezon city We're going to elect a new LJR soon! Who will be the next? Our new JB structure is up! What are they?
-Human resources
-Public relation no candidates have been selected yet, so it can (should) be you!
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