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Is Microsoft a Monopoly?

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Hannah Kahn

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Is Microsoft a Monopoly?

Is Microsoft a Monopoly?
Anti-Monopoly Advocate
Microsoft is considered a monopoly because it controls everything in which computer programs need to be created. They are the foundation of all computers and have a vast control of the computer software industry. In addition to all of that they have copyrights of everything they have created, so it is impossible for other companies to develop software similar to Microsoft without breaking any laws.
Microsoft Supporter
Would computers have evolved to the point they are at today if Microsoft hadn't come out with windows?
Computers would have definitely. Yes the software would look a little different, but the general idea would be along the same lines.
Would people be able to accomplish as much on a computer as they do today if Microsoft hadn't standardized things and make them familiar?
Yes, Apple Inc. has a user friendly computer with standardized things and a familiar interface, Not just Microsoft Windows computers.
While Microsoft is most widely known by computer users, it is not on a global scale a monopoly. Linux and other code based operating systems are increasing in popularity.
Information Technology Specialist
Substitutes for Microsoft
Linux Android iOS Mac OS
Software for Linux, Mac OS
Linux is a coded operating system in which all of the word processors and such are coded. While difficult to make they can be acquired online.
Mac OS also has a lot of software already with it.
Training for Employees
Linux is easy to learn for employees after much memorization.
Mac OS is extremely simple as was the idea of "Mcintosh" computers.
What is a monopoly?
A monopoly is when a person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular commodity. So therefore there is a lack of competition. In the past years historians have been very back and forth as to whether a monopoly is a good or bad thing. An example of a good monopoly would be the telephone company AT&T. In the late 1900's they were very popular and there wasn't really any competition. They had good prices and the quality of the product was even better. The consumers seemed to be pretty happy, but in the eyes of the government they were indeed in fact a monopoly. After the government stepped in and made AT&T break off into many small companies called Baby Bells the consumers became angry when they saw the prices of the product go up and the quality go down. This situation backfired. An example of a bad quality would be China's monopoly of silk the BCE era. They were the only ones who knew how to make silk and therefore made the price very high.
Microsoft was started by Bill Gates and Paul Allen who both wanted to see every household have a computer. The company they first started was small but it would later become one of the biggest software empires in the world.
MS-Dos was Microsoft's first operating system. They created it for IBM pc's after the company came to them asking about partnering up. The MS-DOS was the foundation on which computer programs can run. Sadly the MS-DOS was hard for the public to understand so Microsoft knew they had to create a system that was easier for the public to use.
Windows was Microsoft's next Computer operating system. This system unlike MS-DOS, used a mouse to navigate your way through the computer instead of control keys. It was way easier to use and more user friendly.
Windows 98 & Windows XP
Over 400 million copies of Windows XP have been sold.

Much more customizable
Linux itself is very empty at first until software is coded and/or downloaded.
Mac OS is not very customizable but it comes with nearly any software you could need for a business or personal use.
Microsoft itself is not superior to its alternatives, though it is unquestionably the most popular and is most universal. Since nearly all computers run on windows it requires nearly no training as most people already know it.
Microsoft better???
firefox- A search engine similar to internet explorer.
IBM Corp- Manufactures computers and computer systems.
Java- computer software that allows you to play games.
OS-2- OS2 was Microsoft’s first computing system. It was created in the late 1980’s
Sun corporation – a company that sells computers, computer software, computer components, and information technology services.

How does Microsoft help school systems with technology in the classroom?
Since Microsoft, education has changed. Now there is more parental involvement in the education system. Meaning that there is now more involvement and smart people.
How many people does Microsoft now currently employ?
There are now approximately 94,000 full time people being employed by Microsoft, with 57,000 people working for them in the United States.
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