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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Our presentation on chapters 1, 15, and 17, about Aunt Polly.

rylie nolan

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Setting - Missouri in the 1840s

Characters - Aunt Polly and Tom Sawyer

Plot -
Focuses on Tom and his Aunt Polly
Tom can anger his aunt
Tom is thought to be dead
Aunt Polly feels guilty; she loves Tom

Conflict -
Tom always makes his aunt angry
Aunt Polly didn't show Tom all her love

Summary Chapter 17
Kids argue about who's seen Tom and Joe last
Becky- deep sorrow, misses Tom
Town gathers at church for funeral
Service starts
Tom, Joe, Huck make a surprise entrance
Immediately greeted by overjoyed townspeople/ family
Church breaks into song

Theme- Love comes from your heart not your actions
Summary Chapter 15
Summary Chapter 1
Introduces Tom, Aunt Polly, Sid
Aunt Polly looks for Tom
Finds him stealing jam (first sign)
Tom plays hooky
Tom leaves house, comes across a "too well dressed" boy
They argue and fight
Tom wins and returns home
Punished by Aunt Polly
Author's Purpose
Character Development
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Tom swims to Illinois shore
Boats to Missouri
Makes his way to house
Finds Aunt Polly, Mrs.Harper, Mary crying
Everyone believes Joe, Huck, Tom died
Funeral on Sunday
Tom kisses Aunt Polly while she sleeps
Returns to friends
Fills them in on what he's heard
Tom's trouble

Aunt Polly's "tough love"

The other side of Aunt Polly

No matter what she feels bad

I choose this theme because. . .
Satire- Over exaggerating the common relationship between a guardian and child.
Aunt Polly 1, 15, 17
Aunt Polly never beating Tom for his actions
Aunt Polly says Tom isn't a bad kid, just mischievous
Aunt Polly grieving on Tom, but ends up getting more attention
Aunt Polly's characteristics change over chapters
Chapter 1, Aunt Polly acts normally towards Tom, but aggravated
Chapter 15, Aunt Polly regrets how she acted
Chapter 17, she felt depressed, then overwhelmed
Main character chapters focus is Aunt Polly
{Chapter 1, Page 8}
{Chapter 15, Page 145}
{Chapter 17, Page 168}
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