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Jules Verne

An overview on well-known classic books

Dakota Schwab

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Jules Verne

Classic Books Around the world in 80 Days Jules Verne was a French writer who lived and wrote in the year 1828-1905 Jules verne pioneered the science fiction genre, he wrote about space, air and underwater travel before the methods were devised. He is known as the father of science fiction Jules Verne was born in Nantes,Brittany France The Journey to the Center of the Earth involves a German professor who believes that there are volcanic tubes leading to the center of the Earth. After cracking a code in a famous book he departs to a volcano in Northern iceland. While studying the volcano he discovers a cave which he and his friends become trapped in. While exploring the cave the professor discovers an amazing prehistoric world coexisting below the surface of known reality. Around the World in 80 Days begins with a london worker atempting to fly around the world in 80 days on a 20,000 dollar wager. Upon the adventure many hardships must be faced. From the Earth to the Moon is a more humorous tale of a Gun club using the concept of a bullet creating a rocket and visiting the moon. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is about an expedition on exploring the deep sea. In his later years he wrote darker books. Jules Verne died in 1905 at age 77. Illistration from the Book Journey to the Center of the Earth. Illistration from Twenty Thousand Leagues on the Sea. Illistration From the Earth to the Moon. Nautilu's route through the Atlantic Ocean. Many of the inventions Verne wrote about in his books are now modern day realities. In the book in The Search of the Castaways about a ship captin discovering a message in a bottle stating that the ship Britannia is wrecked and stranded at sea so with the help of the current king and queen an expedition is formed. Contributions to Society Jules Verne created many new and original concepts that opened up the minds of scientific minds. The submarine and rocket ship are a few of the many inventions to be mentioned in his books before a practical solution and design concept was even discovered. Jules verne's books inspired many people to look beyoned what is known and make fiction a reality. General Information Facts Wrote 88 books in his life time. His twenty-five-year-old nephew shot him in the leg with a gun giving Jules Verne a limp. Jules Verne's son spent much of his life in an insane asylum. Many of his books suffers from poor translation from the french language. Had passion for travel and exploration and made that the focus of most of his book.
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