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gs students

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Turkey

98% of Turks are Islamic. The other 2% are side religions.
Turkey forms a national bridge between the continents that are Asia, Africa, and Europe.
Turkey's population consists of
81, 619, 392 people
A Religion

Turkey's climate
Turkey's climate is similar to the United State's climate. It is 4 degrees Celsius (39.2 degrees Fahrenheit) in the winter. In the summer it is 27 C (80.6).
Tuesday, November, 15, 2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Location of Turkey
The Location
Here are some interesting factoids about Turkish people!
The Turkey Gazette

Taking a look at Turkey!
Interesting Facts!
Turkey is located in the continent of Asia. Currently, Ankara is the capital of Turkey.
According to the legend, Noah's Ark landed on Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey.

Istanbul in Turkey is the only city in the world that is located on 2 continents, Asia and Europe.

Turkey has many interesting desserts including Dried Apricots, Figs, and Almond Cookies which are just some of the many delicious foods you are eating today!
Turkey's Government

Turkey's government is Parliamentary democracy with free market economy. The President in Turkey is Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

I enjoyed learning about Turkey and I hope you did too. That is all for now on the Turkey Gazette "Getting to know Turkey".
The Geography
Turkey forms a national land bridge between continents of Asia and Europe.
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