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Rotterdam policy on drugs and alcohol

No description

Denis Wiering

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Rotterdam policy on drugs and alcohol

Research and policy development on drunkenness and over serving in Rotterdam >> Use of alcohol and drugs among youth under 16 is declining >> Problematic use among youth at risk
90% of alcohol- and drug related public nuisance and crime is caused by youth in two certain school types (vocational and special education)

>> Risky behavior in certain settings e.g. nightlife
Increase in admissions to A&E regarding alcohol intoxicated youth; police report more serious violence in nightlife The Rotterdam strategy focuses on:
>> Talent development
>> Safety
>> Health At school At home In public domain Setting boundaries through policy and legislation Conveying boundaries
by creating public support, through education and information Guarding boundaries by ensuring compliance through supervision and enforcement >> New Dutch legislation: cities responsible for supervision and enforcement concerning alcohol sales

>> Age limit alcohol sales: strong lobby for changing national law for raising limit from 16 to 18 years

>> Ideal moment for baseline measurement on alcohol use, compliance and effects

>> Ideal moment for research to feed policy development Research on:

1: Compliance regarding age limits in nightlife, sports clubs and supermarkets

2: Compliance regarding over serving in nightlife setting

3: Violence stats + profiling visitors of hotspot areas in nightlife

4: Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) with breath sample in nightlife setting combined with questionnaires on alcohol consumption >> Most violence towards people between 3 and 5 AM
>> Youths that claim to be perpetrator drink more: 5,4 units before and 10,5 units while going out (versus 3,8 and 7,2 units) BAC with breath sample combined with questionnaires
>> 1 hotspot area
>> 4 nights (2x Friday, 2x Saturday)
>> Random pick
>> 424 breath samples
>> 196 questionnaires >> Research done this year
>> Policy is developed based on these stats
>> In 2013 supervision and enforcement will be executed
and added to the setting and conveying of boundaries The Rotterdam Drugs & Alcohol strategy:
Talent development, safety and health gains
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