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meg mallory

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of fishing

Equipment "RIG" rod reel line BAIT accessories live lures worms night crawlers maggots hardware soft plastics plugs spinners spoons scented vest waders pliers polarized sunglasses clippers notebook Fish in Unity large mouth bass brown trout small mouth bass fresh water... perch surface spinning gear spin cast reel spinning reel bait casting monofilament braided where to? lake winnecook sandy stream pickerel crappie History of Fishing Regulations inital uses Providing food for survival Bone hooks,vine line
Different cultures have historic references of fishing
Egyptian 2000BC figures rod, lines, and nets
Chinese 4th Century BC-silk line, needle hook, bamboo rod, cooked rice bait
Then became sport
Sport Fishing Began 15th Century
Izaak Walton 1653
Most influential book
Constructing tackle, aquatic biology, recreational anglers
Feeding habits, life cycles of game fish
True angler fish for love of fishing
Have improved since then
Methods Bait Fishing
Fly Fishing
Bait/Spin Casting
Bait Trolling
Bait Fishing Called fishing – NA, bottom fishing – England
Oldest most universally used method
Bait impaled on hook, set by angler when fish swallows it
Rods 10-15 feet long
Fly Fishing Bait/Spin Casting Highest form of angling?
Originally live flies placed very close to fish
Now use artificial flies live only for dapping When winged form coming out of nymph stage
Wet-fly present flies under water
Nymph fishing – artificial fly resembles the waterborne form of insect
Streamer fishing – in which the streamer gives to the fly a fishlike look.
Rods 7-10 feet long
Differ almost only in rod length
Spinning Rods 7-10 feet
Bait Casting Rods 5-6 feet
Bait Trolling Live bait or artificial lures drawn through water behind slow-moving boat
Primary for big-game fishing in oceans
Can cover lot of territory where fish can hide
Rods 5-7 feet
Different state by state
Provide anglers with opportunities for fishing what and how they want
Making sure the fish are here for next generations
Waters are different
Regulations for one body of water not have same effect on another
General laws for all
Outside this special characteristics
Changing bag limits
Changing length limits
Terminal Tackle Restrictions artificial lures only, fly fishing only
Different season dates
Catch and Release vulnerable population
Fishing License - Maine Required to have to fish in inland water or to transport fish taken from inland waters
Residents under 16 and nonresidents under 12 – not require license
Different Costs Resident or nonresident
How long
Combine with other (Hunting)
Tying a Clinch Knot
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