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Fahrenheit 451

No description

Helen G

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451

A is for Ashes In F451, the firemen burn books in order to control peoples' thoughts, thus creating tons of ashes. Ashes represent the destruction and minute remains of not only books but also any of the society's chances with higher knowledge. B is for Benjamin Franklin In the book, Franklin is not recognized for promoting learning, like in our society, but known for destroying it. Franklin is known as the first and founder fireman. M is for Matches The old woman sacrifices herself for her books by igniting the kerosene-soaked pages with a match while standing among them. She was willing to die for her books. C is for cold G is for Growth The social setting in this book is very cold and unfriendly. People keep to themselves and interaction stays to a minimum. D is for Dandelion P is for Parlor The development of the society's intelligence is severely limited as new technologies and media distractions rise. Montag also grows as a character as he begins to recognize the ignorance of the people and the importance of literature. The parlor is a room with 3 wall TVs, it's
also where Mildred's family lives. She
spends most of her time here. Clarisse McClellan, Montag's neighbor, does the "dandelion test" by rubbing the flower on his chin to see if any rubs off. The test shows that Montag is not in love which upsets him and he insists he is. E is for Entertainment H is for Hound Fahrenheit 451 is set in a society that relies on television and other forms of entertainment. Humans have lost much of their communications skills and knowledge. Z is for zeitgeist This word represents a general, intellectual, moral, and cultural state for an era. In Fahrenheit 451, the culture is all lost and the intellectual state of the population is censored and controlled. The people remain uneducated and unable to think freely. The Hound plays a key role in first hinting at the internal guilt Montag experiences. It continues to be his main predator and fear throughout the novel. Q is for Questions Clarisse incites a change in Montag by introducing him to things that he has never bothered to stop to think about. Soon, his once ignorant attitude morphs into one more open as he begins to question the limiting nature of the society. I is for Ignorance The citizens in the society of Fahrenheit 451 do not care for the knowledge found in books due to the distractions of technology and media. This causes them to be ignorant of things outside of their parlors. X is for Xenophobia R is for Revolution In the world of Fahrenheit 451, it is apparent that the presented society cannot last forever. As Montag becomes altered by those around him, there is a change from the original society to a new intellectual society. S is for Salamander Salamanders used to be viewed as creatures that could withstand immense amount of fire. The salamander is the symbol branded to the firetrucks in the book. V is for Volition The protagonist, Montag, had to make an important decision about whether or not to keep books. It was of his own volition to help bring a new age to society. W is for Wanton The people of Montag's society had excess luxury as far as technology and entertainment. Although there was this excess, they were lacking in the most important thing of all: books. T is for Temptation Montag experiences severe temptations to steal and read books, progressing the plot through his encounter with Beatty. This longing also impacts his character as it sparks his interest in books and lowers his opinion of firemen. O is for Overpowering F is for Fire Fire plays a huge part in Fahrenheit 451. The society of the story burns all books and sets fire to those houses that have them. In a way, fire over the years has consumed who they were as people and a society. Y is for Yield The old woman in Fahrenheit 451 would not yield to the firemen in surrendering her books. She believed that trying to preserve books was a cause worth dying for. This made Montag question what was so important about books and created part of his need to understand his society and the people in it. Fahrenheit 451 ABC Project Francine Bruess
Quinn Sullivan
Helen Gai
Mattie Meyer
Tiffany Yee
Kanian Khan
While Montag was crossing the highway during his escape, the juvenile delinquents in a car almost ran him over. Driving recklessly is a hobby for many of them because they see others’ lives as very insignificant. Books are burned so that the people cannot learn, because knowledge is power. The government wants the people to be ignorant, not knowing what is going on around them; the firemen promote ignorance to maintain the sameness in society. After Montag meets Clarisse, he fights ignorance and sets off to learn more about books and life. In the society of Fahrenheit 451, everyone is “happy” and content with just watching television and wasting away. However, Clarisse helps Montag realize that he is actually only suffering from an illusion of happiness, and that something is missing from his life. In the society of Fahrenheit 451, the citizens are afraid to accept books because they are unfamiliar. Xenophobia, the fear of foreign things, is demonstrated as people are frightened of elements in the forbidden literature. N is for Nuclear The society in Fahrenheit 451 is very rigid and strict in its censorship. Those that oppose the norms are promptly forced to conform. J is for Juvenile Delinquents K is for Kerosene U is for unhappiness L is for learning At the end of the novel, the city collapses due to an atomic attack in a civil war. The nuclear bomb is the deciding factor that allows the intellectuals to return to the society to reform and bring back books. As a phoenix is reborn from flames, the new world shall rise from the ashes of destruction to become stronger and smarter. In the beginning, Montag had considered the scent of kerosene to be like a perfume. After witnessing the death of the old woman protecting the books, he becomes sick from the scent of it. The parlor is where Mildred's "family" lives - she talks with them, acts out movie scenes, and spends majority of her time with them. They live in a room of three TV walls, and Mildred displays more attention and affection towards her TV family than towards her own husband. P is for Parlor
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