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Untitled 1234

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on 11 January 2015

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Transcript of Untitled 1234

Unusual circumstances of birth
Often an outsider to his/her society
An event, often traumatic, leads to adventure or quest
Hero has a special weapon that only he/she can use
Characteristics of the Hero
The Female Archetype
Two Types:
The Mother
The Seductress
Exploits and manipulates men
Uses her sexuality to gain power
The Trickster Archetype
A rebel who refuses to conform to society's rules
Plays jokes on others--very sneaky and clever
Physically weaker than other characters
Can either be a good or bad character just depending on self-interest.
blurs the lines of right and wrong
The Hero, Female, Trickster are all examples of character archetypes. The next archetype is a conflict.
The Archetype of the Shadow
The Archetype of the Journey
The Hero Archetype
The Journey Archetype
usually the journey is taken by the hero archetype
There are many steps but here are a basic 5
The Hero's Journey
(5 steps)
Step 1-
the hero is called to adventure although he/she is reluctant to accept.
Step 2-
The hero must go into the unknown--somewhere outside of their comfort zone.
The Hero's Journey Cont...
Step 3-
Road of Many Trials
The hero endures trials of strength and endurance.
Step 4-
The Darkest Hour/ Innermost Cave
The hero descends into the underworld or some other unknown place where he/she face a great trial. He or she is forever changed.
The Hero's Journey Cont...
Step 5-
The Return

The hero returns to society with some sort of treasure (a gold cup or some other kind of treasure, a new understanding of self, or a word from God).
What are Archetypes?
There are many more character archetypes and these can be even divided into further subcategories. For example...
Hero Archetypes
The willing hero (King Arthur)
The reluctant hero (Bilbo Baggins)
The anti-hero (Dexter)
The tragic hero (Romeo)
The epic hero (Odysseus)
Hero has supernatural help
Hero has a tragic flaw
Hero must prove himself/herself multiple times
Restores justice/harmony to society even if they must sacrifice themselves
Characteristics of the Hero continued
The Female Archetype
But for this class, we will focus on only a few basic archetypes.

Hey c'mon we're superheroes
--what could happen?
Female Archetypes
Two different types
Mother Archetype
Temptress Archetype
"How about a magic trick?"
--The Joker
The belief that we have a light side and a dark side. The light side is our conformity to society and society's rules. The dark side (shadow) is the inhumane part of us buried away so far down that we are not aware of it.
Everyone carries a shadow
The Shadow
We should not ignore our shadow because if we do, it will only grow--we must rather control it.
The Shadow Continued...
The Archetype of the Shadow
The Journey Archetype
""It's not getting to the land of the dead that's the problem; it's getting back"
"Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. Even the very wise cannot see all ends."
Archetypes are patterns (characters, storylines, beliefs etc.) that have repeated themselves since
the beginning of time.
Archetype (2 types)
Some Character Archetypes
or The Hero's Journey
Nurturing and Caring
Life Giving
*doesn't have to be a literal mother
The Hero's Journey
also referred to as

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