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Criminal Profile - Roger Severs Parent Killer

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Tristan West

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Criminal Profile - Roger Severs Parent Killer

Criminal Profile:
Roger Severs Parent Killer

What Happened: During the Crime
On the Evening of the 13th of November 1993, upon returning to his parent’s house after drinking, Roger found his mother alone in the Bungalow and attacked her. Roger struck his mother eight times in the head with a steel mallet which fractured her skull. He then wrapped his mother’s body in a yellow blanket. Meanwhile Roger’s father was out having a drink. When Roger’s father did return home Roger attacked him as he got out of his car. Roger struck his father in the head with the steel mallet ten times until he was satisfied that his father was dead. Roger then loaded the bodies of his parents into his parent’s Rover and drove to a wood a few miles away where he buried them.
What Happened: After the Crime
After the mysterious and out of character disappearance of the Severs couple, some neighbours and friends of the Severs’ became suspicious and contacted the police on the 18th of November.
On the 18th November, police visited the bungalow in which the couple resided, only to find the previously tidy house was now messy, with the kitchen and bathroom carpets had been removed. When police spoke to their son, Roger, he insisted that his parents were simply on holiday. However there was no evidence of this apparent trip, and Roger was soon arrested on suspicion of murder.
A thorough forensic investigation was conducted. Although attempts at a clean-up had obviously been made, Roger’s list was found as well as blood in the bathroom and garage of the bungalow, the patterns suggesting a vicious attack. Trails of blood and yellow fibres led outside to the car, which was suspiciously filthy with mud. Investigators collected samples from inside the car and from the wheel arches.
The samples taken from the vehicle were analysed and confirmed to contain mud composed of various substances, mainly quartz, calcite and ironstone. Furthermore, an interesting combination of plant material was found in the vehicle. Whereas the grasses, alder, oak and hawthorn traces were standard for English woodland, 2% of the sample was found to consist of the fairly rare horse chestnut.
With the composition of mud and pollen known, experts were able to narrow down the likely origin of the samples to a few specific areas. Upon search of the areas, an officer searching Armley Wood discovered a disturbed patch of soil littered with broken branches. It was here that the buried bodies of Derek and Eileen were discovered.
Roger Severs
Source: http://murderpedia.org/male.S/s/severs-roger.htm
“Horse Chestnut” (Aesculus Hippocastanum)
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aesculus_hippocastanum
What, When and Where?
What: The murder of Derek Severs (aged 68) and his wife Eileen Severs (aged 69).

When: The evening of the 13th of November 1993.

Where: The village of Hambleton in Leicestershire, overlooking Rutland Water.
Derek and Eileen Severs
Source: http://murderpedia.org/male.S/s/severs-roger.htm

Key Pieces of Evidence
• Blood from the bathroom and garage of the bungalow. (Circumstantial)
• Trails of blood and yellow fibres that led outside to the car. (Circumstantial)
• The unusual amount of mud on the car (Circumstantial)
• Samples of the mud and soil from inside the car and the wheel arches. (Circumstantial)
• Traces of the fairly rare Horse Chestnut in the samples from the car – This was perhaps the most helpful evidence found towards locating the bodies of Derek and Eileen Severs. (Circumstantial)
• The injuries or trauma on the bodies of the victims. (Circumstantial)
Forensic Techniques Used to Solve the Crime
• Serology – This would have been used to identify who the blood splatters and stains belonged to.
• Fibre analysis – This would have been used to match the yellow fibres found at the crime scene to the fibres of the yellow blanket that Eileen Severs was wrapped in.
• Forensic Archaeology – This would have been used in the excavation of the Severs Couple.
• Forensic Pedology – This would have been used to study and determine the possible areas of origin of the mud and soil samples found.
• Pathology – This would have been used to perform autopsies on the bodies of the victims to determine the time and cause of death.
• Blood Splatter Analysis – This would have been used to determine the characteristics of the attack.
Victims, Suspects, Key Players and Witnesses
• Derek Severs (68) and his wife Eileen Severs (69).
Derek Severs a retired ICI Executive and his wife Eileen Severs lived more than comfortably in the Leicestershire village of Hambleton. They lived with their only son Roger Severs, a sponging waster and cheat.
• Roger Severs (37).
Rogers Severs lived with his Parents Derek Severs (68) and Eileen Severs (69) in the Leicestershire village of Hambleton. Roger was an only child and so when he was growing up he had been well looked after and spoilt. He had attended a public school and later on lived on his own in a flat that his parents rented for him. His parents also spent thousands of dollars settling his debts, but in the end he had turned out to be nothing but a sponging waster and cheat.
Key Players:
• Derek Severs (68) – Victim
• Eileen Severs (69) – Victim
• Roger Severs (37) – Suspect and Murderer
• Friends and Neighbours – Contacted Police
• Unfortunately due to the place that the Murder of the Severs Couple occurred there were no witnesses.
What Happened: Before the Crime
Roger Severs had a spoilt upbringing as he was an only child. He had never really become an independent person as his parents supported his every need. Roger had not succeeded in getting a job for more than a couple of months. He had been a barman, crop sprayer and an ironmonger’s shop assistant.
Roger had also been in many different relationships, in which he told his temporary partner that he was anything from a businessman, to a hospital consultant and even a gynaecologist. But in reality he was struggling with debts and keeping jobs.
Roger had fathered a child during his last relationship, which was with a woman whose hotel he had “helped” to run. Instead he had helped himself to the takings, leaving her thousands of pounds in debt. Between each failed relationship he had returned to his parents to sponge off them, and his latest affair was no exception. But this time it was different. His parents had wanted a grandchild, and Eileen Severs doted on her two-year-old grandson. If Roger didn’t repair his relationship with the child’s mother, his parents told him, they would not give him another penny and they would leave everything to his son. Roger faked a suicide attempt in an effort to change their minds, but this didn’t change their decision. They’d had enough, they told him. If he didn’t patch things up with their grandchild’s mother, it was goodbye. So he planned their murder, making a list of 14 things he must remember to do, like cleaning-up their bathroom and Rover car afterwards.

Detectives questioned Roger, and were dissatisfied with his answers and eventually Roger was charged with murder. At his trial Roger Severs admitted killing his parents but denied murder, claiming diminished responsibility. But the police had found him to be a pathological liar, and the jury reached the same conclusion. On December 6th, 1994, they found him guilty of 2 counts of murder and he was sentenced to life imprisonment.
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• http://murderpedia.org/male.S/s/severs-roger.htm
Information Sources:
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