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The Chieftest Mourner

No description

Ladz Vale

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of The Chieftest Mourner

-At the school
-Aunt’s place
-Uncle’s new place (With the other woman)
-At the funeral

The Author
The Chieftest Mourner
Point of View
First Person

“I” and “me” and "my"

The author is part of the story.

Aida Rivera-Ford
Born January 22, 1929 - Jolo, Sulu
Finished her English degree in Siliman University
in Negros Oriental as Cum Laude on 1949
With a Fulbright grant, she finished her
Master's degree at the University of Michigan
in 1954
J&A Hopwood Award (1954) for
5 stories including The Chieftest Mourner
First author of Coral and Sands
National Fellow for Fiction by UP-ICW
Datu Bago Awardee - 1982
Gawad CCP Awardee
University of Mindanao
Ateneo De Davao University
Humanities Department Head
11 years
Ford Academy of the Arts - Founder
PLOT (Flashback and Progressive)
Rising Action
Falling Action
The author expresses the time when her uncle
and aunt is happy with each other.
Her uncle is also a poet. A very famous and excellent poet. Her uncle was so close to her that
she treated him as her second father.

Rising Action
The uncle changed and does go home
late at night at a drunken pace.
Then his wife (Aunt Sophia) tied him.
And the next day the uncle decided
to go away.
The aunt didn’t stopped him,
instead she pushed him away.
The uncle then had a new wife.
Eventually, the author’s uncle died.
Then the two wives quarreled.
The other woman fought for her right
as to whom the uncle’s body be kept.

Falling Action
Sophia just fought for the peace
and solemnity of the funeral.
The poet's family heeded the
other woman to stop her scandal
and leave.
The other wife gave up.
She left the place with a
tear on her face.

-Author as herself (KC)
-Her Uncle (poet)
-Aunt Sophia (uncle's wife)
-The other woman
-Author's mother
-Author's classmates
-Poet's family
Author (KC)
Uncle (poet)
Aunt Sophia
The other woman
Author's Mom
Illegal couple
Woman versus Woman
Two women fighting for a man
One, who wasn't the legal,
providing the needs of the man
The other who carelessly
pushed away the love,
but still had the feeling
when the source of love died
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