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Nelson Mandela & Martin Luther King Jr Compare & Contrast

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Morgan Phillips

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Nelson Mandela & Martin Luther King Jr Compare & Contrast

Nelson Mandela & Martin Luther King Jr Compare & Contrast
Nelson Mandela & Martin Luther King Jr.
Born July 18 1918
Grew up in South Africa
Nelson Mandela full name is ( Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela)
His middle name means ( pulling the branch of a tree)
His father died when he was only nine years old
He attended University of South Africa 1942-1942
He served 27 years in prison during white racist rule in South Africa
Became president of South Africa
He left behind his 6 children ( Makaziwe Mandela-Amuah, Zerrani Mandela, Zindziswa Mandela ,Makagatho Mandela , Madiba Themkile Mandela
Died December 5 , 2013
Aged to be 95 years old
Nelson Mandela
Born January 15, 1929
Grew up in Atlanta ,Geogia
Marin Luther King was named after his father ( Martin Luther King ,Sr.)
He went to college (Boston University 1951-1955) at the age of 15.
Had 4 children ( Dexter Scott King, Martin Luther King III , Yolanda King ,and Bernice King.
Died December 5,April 4, 1968
Even though h didn't live as long as long as Nelson but he managed to make big impact just like Mandela
Lived to be 39 years old
By: Morgan Phillips
Martin Luther King Jr.

These two great people risk their lives for blacks rights. They do have differences but their similarities, and what they both did for their people brings them close . Eventhough they are no longer living what they did will live on forever. Two of the most brave, and inspiring people in the world Martin Luther King Jr. ,and Nelson Mandela
Martin and Nelson both were born with both parents
They attended high school and college
They both were married
They both were imprisoned for trying to do the right thing
They both were symbols to many people for many reasons
Fought for the same rights
They were both leaders
Nelson and Martin were advocates of democracy; they wanted rights for citizens
King and Martin had dreams and died working on those dreams
They both just wanted peace
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