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Canada's Centennial: From the Past or Toward the Future

No description

Joanna Dawson

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of Canada's Centennial: From the Past or Toward the Future

“A hundred years of Confederation have brought Canadians … a foundation of nationhood on which we can build an even richer and more bountiful Canada in the years ahead.”
“We have tried to fill the Centennial Year with festive occasions and fitting entertainment, to enrich our culture and strengthen our unity, and to leave lasting memorials of which future Canadians can be proud.”
“A year-long celebration of the hundredth birthday of Confederation is Canada’s tribute to good fortune and a salute to the next century”
Voyageur Canoe Pageant Confederation Train ~6,000,000 bronze Centennial medallions were presented to school children Youth were a major focus of Centennial celebrations Youth Travel Program Canada's Centennial Baby: Born July 1, 1967 Opening remarks Centennial Flame Canada's Centennial Celebrations Was Canada looking back at the past or toward the future? Investment in infrastrucure
2,301 approved projects
Total cost $88,308,882 Confederation Memorial Buildings
$87,812, 420 Arts and Culture Centre
St. John's, NL
$10.5 million National Arts Centre
Ottawa, ON
$46 million Centennial Concert Hall,
Winnipeg, MB
$10.5 million Yukon Alpine Centennial Expedition "One of the few remaining unconquered moutain ranges in North America will be challenged during the Centennial Year celebrations in Canada" Canada-Alaska boundary: "Good Neighbour Peak" 13 unclimbed peaks in newly named "Centennial Range" Centennial Peak Photo credit: © Helmut Microys, 1967 Events / Programs from Centennial Year Parks: 23%
Recreational Structures: 23%
Community Centres: 19%
Recreational Areas: 13%
Total: 78% Museums / Art Galleries: 3%
Historical Books: 2%
Historic Building Restoration: 1.3%
Erection of Memorials: 1.3%
Total: 7. 6% Creation of athletic programs for school and university aged students Beautification Programs How was history used during Canada's Centennial? Confederation was inevitable Confederation was hindered by geography Maritimes separated by ocean /
B.C. separated by mountains Some historic symbols used for nation-building rhetoric Centennial more about the future than the past
Focus on infrastrucure; building Canada Investment in youth as the future of Canada History used primarily to highlight notions of progress
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