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PH 223 25:1-3

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of PH 223 25:1-3

A glass rod is charged to +8 nC by rubbing
What charged particle was transferred between the rod, and which way
A glass rod has +12 nC touches a metal sphere. afterward the rod's charge is +8 nC
how many particles moved?
b. How many?
a. have electrons been removed, or protons added
from two neutral conductors can you make them both equally +/- charged, how?
From two neutral conductors can you make them both equally charged opposite charge, how?
"So theoretically if you are barefoot, standing on the ground and you touch an electric fence you shouldn't get electrocuted? Because the excess charge should go to the earth (a giant conductor). "
"Can you explain how charging an insulator differs from changing a conductor. "
"Why does the rubbing actualy remove electrons would they not just jump right back?
"Does a dipole have an effect on the conductivity of an insulator?"
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