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the history of the world according to landin

No description

Henry Cardinals

on 13 December 2017

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Transcript of the history of the world according to landin

Where were you born
Peoria il
football because my familey has played football
Whats been the farhest you have benn form henry il
Michigan because i went to see dirtbikes
what is the most favrite place you have been

What is the most important event that has ever happend in the world
the cubs won the world srieses
When did your family move to Henry il
if you would go anywhere where would you go
florida to race dirt bikes and live there
the history of the world according to landin
We move when i was in 4th grade
What event in event world
michigan because i t to meet dirtbike riders
who is the biggest hero in the world and why
my dad because he buys me every thing
Who do you think is the biggest villain of all time?why?
the manhatan isis follower he killed 8 people
what is the biggest problem facing the world
not for four years
trump being presdent
what do you believe is your americas responsbility
we should have to shout all the bad people
what event in the world you wish you know more about
what event do you know a lot about
when you die what you want your legacy to be
riding dirtbikes
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