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After the Funeral

No description

Pato Fuentes

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of After the Funeral

After the Funeral
Dylan Thomas
Tribute and elegy to Thomas' aunt Ann Jones with whom he shared a deep bond.

The death of Aunt Jones left a profound impact on the poet.

"Fern-Hill" commemorates the happy moments he spent on Aunt Jones' farm.
Her memory will haunt him
Lines 37-40
Its the only poem that is associated with an individual while others deal with experiences or abstractions.
Line 24-35
Lines 1-9
Lines 10-23
Commemorating Aunt
Thomas' hate towards people
Personal Feelings
Thomas' admiration
Ann = Modest
Catholic signs
Choir (Alliterations)
Personification - Mule Praises

Metaphor - Flesh was meek

Alliteration - Babble like a bellbuoy
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