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NCPG World Cup Gambling Ad

No description

Sawn Soh

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of NCPG World Cup Gambling Ad

In this scene, everything seems pretty normal

Kids hanging out, having fun with each other

NCPG adopted the family background atmosphere by filming this video entirely in a neighborhood park
NCPG Kick The Habit Campaign
At the recent 2014 World Cup, (National Council on Problem Gambling) NCPG created a campaign that revolves around soccer betting.

This campaign sole purpose is to encourage people to seek help for problem gambling during the World Cup season.

With various marketing ad placement all over Singapore, NCPG is hoping that people will learn to not gamble and cause hurt to their loved ones.
NCPG Gambling Poster
Political Impact
Ironically, instead of focusing on the main point of preventing people from gambling, top local government officials was even seen poking fun in this campaign (via Facebook):
NCPG World Cup Gambling Ad
Dissecting NPCG Video Ad
Attitudes and Behavior
Indian boy: “My Dad says Brazil will win.”
Malay boy: “No no, Argentina will win because Messi will dribble past everybody.”
Chinese boy: “I wish Spain would win. My whole family supports them.”

Key focus:
NCPG once again adopted the racial and family values by using kids from different ethnic group
Andy's mood instantly changed, when he reveals to his friends about his dad betting all his savings on Germany to win the world up.

As Andy mentions about his dad betting all his savings, the facial expression of all the boys says it all.

They probably understand what Andy's is going through right now

Social Media Impact
To further add insult to injury:
One of US top show host, Jimmy Fallon aired the clip during his late show, drawing huge laughs from his audience.

Although NCPG was smart enough to ride on the
New Media
bandwagon to promote this campaign but what they didn't realized it that new media is a very powerful entity. One mistake and everything will go viral in a negative spiral effect.

Key points:
1. New Media Technology (Social Media) can be very successful in creating public awareness
2. It is a must to have a social media contingency plan when things go wrong
3. Damage control when campaign suddenly don't go according to plan
4. Response quickly to public backlash

Unfortunately, NCPG failed to see this coming and instead of containing the message they simply just let it run till the end of when Germany won the world cup.
Kick the Habit Response Ad
In response to the public outcry of the campaign, NCPG came out with a new twist at the end of the world cup.

"NCPG’s central message is that problem gambling causes harm to individuals and their loved ones, regardless of the nature and outcome of the bet," a spokesman for NCPG told Channel NewsAsia.

Problem gamblers find it hard to stop, regardless of the outcome of any single bet. This is a reflection of real life examples that NCPG has come across.
It is thus important that both affected individuals and their family members know where to go to seek help, should they face issues with problem gambling."

In the eyes of NCPG
- World coverage in international media, including The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Reuters

- According to NPCG - "Its 24-hour helpline received 105 problem gambling-related calls a day after the World Cup final on July 14."

- NPCG Chairman statement: "Despite the memes and jokes, we believe that the audience understood our message. They are now aware of NCPG and who to call when they encounter issues of problem gambling."

Failure of 2014 Kick the Habit Campaign
- Some in the communications industry have gone so far as to say that damage was done

- The central message was lost, and the high awareness was counterproductive

- Failed to invoke any emotions to audience

- Instead of showing empathy towards gambling addiction, audience attention was shifted towards the outcome of the final score

- People begin to believe that NCPG are dropping hints for them to bet on Germany to win
What it should have been?
Comparing against 2012 NCPG campaign:

- Whole setting of this video set in a very moody ambience

- Little girl probably waiting for her dad to celebrate her birthday

- Instead her parents are arguing about gambling issue

- Loansharks harrassing due to her dad's debt

- Video ended with little girl hugging her mom
Closing Conclusion
The National Council on Problem Gambling was set up to promote public awareness on problem gambling and examine its effects on families and society
What is NCPG?
The council board are made up with 15 members with expertise in psychiatry and psychology, social services, counselling, legal, rehabilitative as well as religious services.
Who are they?
On 31 August 2005 to address problem gambling, following the government's decision to legalise casino gambling and build two integrated resorts at Marina Bay and Sentosa. NCPG was set up to provide guidance and counsel society on gambling addiction
NCPG Video Ad
Other than the poster ad, NCPG also filmed a short video about Andy and his friends.
Dissecting NPCG Gambling Poster Ad
Andy's friend in a sombre mood, showing empathy towards Andy
Key message in explaining the hidden meaning of this whole campaign
Empathy message, hoping to capture audience attention
The key person in this ad a.k.a Andy the victim
Overall, this ad is hoping to capture audience realm of thoughts, giving awareness on the predicament that Andy is facing.
Interesting Point
In a survey (2011) made by NCPG, the percentage of gamblers below 18 years of age was 14%

Sports betting may take smallest percentage (2%) amongst the rest but may still affect your family members

Post Campaign Analysis
The boys making predictions on the winner, the very first sign of future gambling addiction

- The NCPG World Cup campaign aims to serve as a timely reminder to those who bet on soccer not to get carried away in the excitement and hype of the World Cup and let their gambling affect their loved ones.

- The focus of the TVC highlights how those close to the gambler are adversely affected by problem gambling and not who eventually wins the World Cup.

"Selecting Germany injected a sense of realism in our messaging, since no one will bet on a potentially losing team. At the end of the day, win or lose, the dangers of problem gambling, and the potential anxiety and pain that loved ones go through remain unchanged."

- Through this campaign, NCPG also intends to create awareness that help (24/7 helpline) is available to gamblers and their family members who are affected by problem gambling."

Cruel Twist of Fate
Right after the advert was aired at half-time, Germany were already 5-0 ahead, prompting much social media backlash
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