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Graduation Presentation

No description

Michael Johnson

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Graduation Presentation

Choosing Biodiesel Thesis The Proposal Process Mr. Bunch Mr. Cullens Job Shadowing Product Why biodiesel? Creative Making a difference Interesting Innovative World's need for alternative fuel Beneficial Making a difference Interesting thinks outside the box helpful critical wisdom insightful friendly knows his stuff experienced great experience educational my future What I did ... Bio-Barn At the bio-barn I worked with Mr. Cullens in making batches of biodiesel. Mixing chemicals Fun Hockmeyer Lab hands-on Analyzed particulate matter met new people learning experience Research Problems with diesel foreign dependancy Environmental Health limited supply T H E F I X The Benefits of Biodiesel Pro-environment Non-toxic Renewable made and used in the U.S.A. C O N C
O N Biodiesel in our school buses health Environment People Renewable Less Foreign dependancy Financially beneficial Presentation to the Transportation Director ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Thank You Everyday our community and environment suffers from the diesel exhaust pollution from our school buses, however those pollutants can be eliminated through the use of biodiesel Michael Johnson 600,000 school buses transport over 24 million children every school day America spends over $200,000 a minute on foreign oil Average increase in price with using biodiesel, is about 1 cent per 1% of biodiesel added in a gallon. State funding Green incentives Community support Just 1% of biodiesel added to conventional diesel increases the lubricity of the fuel by 65%. Performance What is biodiesel? What about B20? role model There are over 10 million lost school days due to asthma.

Insightful New sources Some universities and companies are trying to develop a way to produce biodiesel from new and more efficient sources. Reflection future education experience
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