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Professional introduction of Gábor Varga

In this Prezi I walk the reader through the important steps of my higher education and my -- relatively young -- professional career. (Please view it in full screen.)

Gábor Varga

on 7 July 2015

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Transcript of Professional introduction of Gábor Varga

06/11/2009 at the KICC Tower, Nairobi, Kenya by Juan Miguel Duque
university studies
(2007 - 2010)
Erasmus semester
at the
Vrije Universiteit Brussels

M.Sc. in Software Engineering
(2004 - 2012)

Communication Coordinator
Team management. Developing and implementing our communication strategy. Creating promotional and other branded materials.
Organizing Committee President
Team management. Organizing a conference for approximately 60 delegates.
HKT representative
Cooperation with other student organizations (ESN, IAESTE, BEST) to improve our presence at the university and reach a wider range of students. Created the logo and branding materials.
Internship in Kenya (7 months)
A real cultural experience that inspired me a lot. Learned to live in and respect a different culture. Also had the chance to meet people from all over the world.
Cultural experience & new friends
Very good fundamental knowledge
Specialization in communication networks and protocols
Thesis on applying semantic technologies in data warehousing
work experience
Health Data Systems Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya
02/24/2009 – 09/02/2009, System analyst
The company develops and deploys a smart card enabled network application
, connecting health care providers and insurance companies in the Central-Eastern African region. I also participated in the company’s
joint project with Nokia for mobile applications
in the rural areas of Kenya
Accenture, Budapest, Hungary
10/01/2010 – 01/31/2010, Junior IT consultant

I&AM system introduction for a bank; system integration to existing I&AM solution for a telecom company.
XAPT Hungary Kft.
09/15/2010 – 01/31/2011, ASP.NET developer
Morgan Stanley
since 02/15/2011, Software developer
Database management
I participated in the firm's
Technology Analyst Program

weeks training in New York
weeks training +
weeks project in London
Put more of my creativity in action
More visible impact
Use cutting edge technology
Learn new technology, programming languages
More team discussions on technical matters
More personal cooperation
Less contact via phone and email
Make a little (or big) difference each day
Long term professional plans (~ 5 years)
Work for a company that I am also a shareholder / partial owner of.
Do some research, potentially a Ph.D. on
Visualization of complex data
Using semantic technologies in data flow planning / data warehousing
Find a right balance between continuously learning new things and applying what I already know.
Travel, learn, meet and work with different people with different backgrounds.
Aspect of

Aspect of
work done

Stunning graphical design
What inspires me
As the company was an SME, I had other roles:
system administration
(using Microsoft technologies as Windows Server 2003, Active Directory, Exchange, ISA);
software development
on .NET (mainly C#); later
project management
and smart card customization.
As a
system analyst
my main job was to capture requirements, come up with system designs (UML, relational models), and enable the developer’s to deliver on time.
Designing and implementing a C# + MS-SQL application

to support data integration and analysis. We had to create security roles and user’s groups for the new I&AM solution and I suggested the development of this application which could give us massive support.
Managing the integration of 9 systems / applications to the I&AM
I had to pay attention to keep deadlines, do the communication with the client, and facilitate the communication between different departments of the client.
Main responsibilities:
Architectural design
Web application development in C# + ASP.NET
In a team of 3
we developed a solution that could
communicate with
Excel PivotTables
via the
MS Analysis Services
protocol (XMLA) and

MDX queries
(an in-memory, non-SQL database) queries.
The service core was written in
, while the communication modules and the frame was a
Java/Spring/Apache CXF
Continuous communication
other team members
different business stakeholders globally
(New York, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai) is an
integral part of my daily routine
Currently, as a
member of the Equity Swaps/Corporate Actions team
we provide the business with new solutions to
enhance the automatic straight through processing
of corporate actions. The work involves
of MQ driven, transactional services in
Apache CXF
GUI development
and Visual Studio,
DB related tasks
Sybase ASE
administrative and testing tasks
in a
Unix environment
Introduction to and a very good training on
semantic technologies
an opportunity to take a break from BME and see a different approach
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