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VOLA 2nd internal exam

No description

Alfons Plašil

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of VOLA 2nd internal exam

VOLA Entering Russian Market A/S 4 P's Product Price Place Promotion Competitors German company: revenue 763 million euro in 2011 Danish company: revenue 164.8 milion euro in 2011 PEEST Political Social Cultural CORRUPTION PERCEPTIONS INDEX 2012 Russia scores 28 points and it is ranked at 133rd place in the world Denmark scores 90 points and it is ranked at 1st place in the world e.g. Ikea has been facing problems with its stores permits, since refuses to bribe safety inspectors Italian company Meetings and negotiations are rather slow Russians do not like being rushed Hierarchy is important to Russians They respect age, rank and position The most senior person usually makes decisions It is extremely difficult to do business in Russia without help from a local To help with this, gifts, money or other items are often a good idea when doing business in Russia -great attention to detail and quality,
recognizable design high price, luxury goods produced in Denmark, delivery time to Russia might be slow a complex mix of marketing communication Initiators Second Users Buying Center Influencers Deciders Buyers Approvers Gatekeepers developers, architects, designers
hotel guests, customers, private owners architects, developers, designers developers, architects,
designers Developers, private owners Developers, managers agent, secretary, postman, bank officer Out of 7 groups In 5 are presented
architects, developers, designers Advertising campaign in architect
paper magazines Clever, simple and straightforward advert
Duration 3 months, price app DKK24900 Advertising campaign on architect focused websites Price and length is similar as in the paper magazine case Opening a showroom in Moscow Attending architectural and developers events direct contact with the customers Online presence, the main social media setting up a Facebook page and LinkedIn account Macro-economic situation in Russia -The foreign investment raised by 66.1% in 2011 compared to the previous year -Growth will continue for the next three months, as the investment prospects will improve and more and more investors will want to invest their money in the Russian market -Increased capital import will affect negatively the balance of payment, as imports level will exceed exports. This will lead to a decrease in the national production, which affects VOLA negatively. Thank you for your attention Sales Promotion Alfons Plasil 17.12.2012
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