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Albert Speer Oral Presentation

Week 6 Monday 30th May Family background, education, rise to prominence, links to Jewish

Jacinta leigh

on 15 May 2011

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Transcript of Albert Speer Oral Presentation

Family Background Albert Speer Education Rise to prominence in the Nazi Party Links to anti-semitic activities ( Jew-flats, forced
labour camps and concentration camps ) * Born 19th March 1905 * Born into upper- middle class family which was among the
wealthiest in the city
* Parents loveless marriage was seen as the main reason for his
own stunted emotional growth
* Albert felt that his father never even noticed he was there
* He also endured taunting from his brothers and felt like a
stranger within his own family
* As a child Albert was nervous, fainted oftenly and had common
spells of breathlessness. This was in contrast to his confident and brash
brothers * Alberts problems were diagnosed as poor circulation , but
were actually psychosomatic- due to anxiety.
* As a boy Albert dreampt of heroics and being a soldier, even sleeping
on the floor at night to share their hardship
* The ' turnip winter ' of 1916-1917 impacted the Speer's , who had only a few turnips a
day to live off. * Rowing provided Albert with his first real sense of pride as he was able
to direct others, something his brothers would never have allowed
* In 1922 he met Margarete ( gretel ) and the two soon fell in love, greatly
improving Alberts grades. * In 1923 Speer shared the outrage at the actions of the French
( occupation of the Ruhr)
* Albert was pursuaded by his father to study architecture as this
would make him the third generation of his family to become one .
* He attended the University of Technology and was allowed 16 US dollars
a month- good financial position
* Speer never made any mention of politics to Gretel in his letters * On Aug 28th 1928, Albert and Gretel married.
* 4th Dec 1930 Speer attended a Nazi party rally.
* Speer was so deeply moved by Hitler that he saw no need
to further educate himself om the party before joining
* 1 March 1932- Speer joined the Nazi Party * After joining the NP Speer was soon appointed to a succession of increasingly more important positions after Hitler came to power in 1933 * Thanks to Speer with his organisation and imagination, the Nuremberg rallies became a spectacular success
* Speer created a "Monumental sense of occasion"
* On 21 Jan 1934, Hitlers chief architect ( troost) passed away , with Speer taking his place. Speer now began working on the development for a permenant site at Nuremberg for Nazi party rallies
* Speer secured his position when he oversaw the reconstruction of Hitlers Reich Chancellery
* Key held many key positions,and had considerable power at his dispo sal * Unlike many other, Speer actually joined the NP before Hitler came to power.
* Speer was won over by the prospects presented by the party in a time of despair, Hitler captured his imagination
* Nothing ensured advancement in Nazi germany more than Hitler's personal support
* Speer believed that hitler provided "undreamt of opportunities in architecture and, eventually, at the highest levels of govt."
* Speer became what he describes as the closest thing to a personal friend Hitler had
* The particular responsibility for the redevelopment of Berlin was given to speer * as the minister for Armaments and munitions, Speer increased productivity by more than 100 %
* During the Nuremberg Trials of 1946, Speer maintained that he had no knowledge of the holocost and was able to escape the death sentence. * Albert was sent to a distinguished primary school with boys from other wealthy families. He had very few friends here except the daughter of the families porter, which Albert's family did not allow
* In 1917 Albert enrolled in an oberrealschule to begin his secondary education. Here he met his first genuine friend, but was not allowed to bring him home
* Albert then befriended the captain of the rowing team and became enthusiatic towards rowing. His mother encouraged him to take up tennis, but Albert refused.
* The family moved to their summerhouse, meaning Albert was now in walking distance of school. Here he met Margarete Weber ( his future wife) * In the middle of 1923, Albert passed his arbitur exams and received the top grade in maths. Despite this he was to become the third generation of his family to become an architect
* Speer enrolled at the Institute of technology, transfered to Munich then to Berlin
* At Berlin Speer attended the class of Tessenow, an excellent teacher with a distinct architectural philosophy.
* speer graduated in Feb 1928, and received his architects licence.He then became tessenow's assistant- the youngest ever appointed at the institute.
* Speer later joined the Nazi party and moved through its ranks http://modern.edublogs.org/files/2009/12/Albert-Speer-2.pdf http://wn.com/Albert_Speer__5 http://wn.com/Albert_Speer__5
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