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Further Profession Studies

Talking and Listening Skills

laura macfadyen

on 25 September 2010

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Transcript of Further Profession Studies

SITE 1.1.2 Aquire the knowledge and understanding to fulfil their responsibilities in respect of cross-curricular themes including citizenship, creativity, enterprising attitudes, literacy and numeracy; personal, social and health education; and ICT, as appropriate to the sector and stage of education. collaborative learning enhances critical thinking authentic groupwork discussion and dialogue
are the most cognitively potent elements
in basic repertoir of classroom talk talking is integral to literacy children will understand far far less than they should or could
(Alexander, R., 2006.) dialogic teaching articulate ideas delivering the 4 capacilites of cfe SITE 2.1.2 Communicate effectively, using a variety of media, to stimulate pupils and achieve the objectives of lessons. SITE 3.1 Value and demonstrate a commitment to social justice, inclusion
and protecting and caring for children. SHUT UP OR I'LL FAIL YOU ! 70,000 questions Vygotsky Inclusion Framework for Participation Access Diversity Collaboration Achievement multiple intelligences zone of proximal development communication development relationships Talking & Listening
Skills through talking and listening all children have access to learning in the classroom. all children participate verbally, taking ownership for their own contributions enabling them to all feel valued. The UN convention, Rights of the child states that every child has the right to express an opinion. by promoting talking and listening skills AifL allows teachers adapt pedagogical content knowledge to be inclusive practitioners recognise and celebrate success in different ways
to develop the 4 capacities of cfe break down barriers through use of a shared language (success criteria/learning intentions) Talking Skills Listening
Skills Can help children, put
thoughts and ideas into
words Strategies for Listening Essential for communication Effective teachers
should talk with children,
not to them what do we make of difference? do we value all learners? to what extent can we help overcome
inequality and challenge discrimination? who are the learners at risk of marginalisation?
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