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Why did Art begin?

No description

Cristina Ruiz

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Why did Art begin?

Prehistoric Art
Palaeolithic Art
Why did Art begin?
Megaliths in the Balearic Islands
Chauvet d'Ardèche
Neolithic Art
Humans looked for magic protection against natural phenomena.
They wanted to propitiate the hunting, fishing and gathering.
Women and men wanted to decorate their objects (artistic sensibility)
Caves were sanctuaries to carry on rituals.
They wanted to be remembered.
Art began because...
Mobiliary art...
can be moved
is made of stone, ivory or bone.
Cave art...
was made in caves or shelters.
had the following characteristics:
Animals are represented.
It's realistic.
The most common colours used are red, brown, yellow and black.
It was made with the hands or brushes
Most famous Cave Art sites:
Chauvet d'Ardèche
Human beings started decorating their caves and objects 35.000 years ago...
And you, why do you paint or draw? I paint and draw because.....
There are two types of art
Mobiliary art
Cave art
Neolithic Art...
is mostly found in the Mediterranean area of the Iberian Peninsula
Human scenes
In the open air or shelters
Different types
Stone circle or cromlech
Religious function
Probably connected to
the cult of the Sun
Burial places
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