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Comma Spidey's Adventure in EduLearn

A public lesson using ICT to teach Grammar (Comma)

Millicent Yap

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of Comma Spidey's Adventure in EduLearn

WHY WHAT There are 6 rules of commas. Before for, and, not, but, or, yet, so when they connect two independent clauses. F.A.N.B.O.Y.S.
To separate three or more items in a series
After an introductory expression
Around a name of a person spoken to
Expressions that interrupt the flow of sentence
Around additional information that is not needed in a sentence Students will be able to... through the purposeful application of comma to convey the intended idea... using commas to create varied sentence structures Students' writing...
lack the use of commas
irrelevant use of commas
limited use of commas HOW 1st lesson: Teaching the students to know and identify the 6 rules - studying examples of how the 6 rules are used
- reading an article and identifying the 6 rules of commas
- recognising the multiple functions of commas 3rd lesson: Students write individual essays in class, making sure to incorporate all the 6 rules of commas in their work. 2nd lesson: Students apply knowledge, in pairs, construct a short paragraph in MSWord or EduLearn, and assess each others' work. Used track changes during peer assessment to write comments. Used "Reply to Post" and "Quote" to add comments during peer assessment. 1. Recall task Review of 6 comma rules 2. Application task Writing a short paragraph
using all 6 comma rules 3. Peer assessment Ripping off Spidey's legs and add comments/suggestions online or in the document using track changes Wait! How many comma rules are there that can fulfil our objectives? Resources: Worksheet, Shark article do we hope to achieve? teach comma rules? Comma Spidey to the rescue An ICT Project to teach Grammar using MS Word and EduLearn (Forum) 2nd lesson:
Skills ? five? four? twenty? eight? thirteen? fifty? Projects Folder vs Asknlearn Forum twelve? six? ten? I think the spider has the answer. Projects Folder:
Each student saved their work in MS Word and saved it in a class folder. All the students' work will then be accessible to all students in class for viewing. Edulearn forum:
All the students' work are posted on the forum immediately. Students have to open individual Word files to look at each other's work. Students can look at each other's work on one webpage. Hey, wait a moment. A spider has eight legs but there are only six rules.

What are the other two for? There are six comma rules. The two extra legs were for students to write personal positive comments or a wish to their peers. Use of ICT during Application Task and Peer Assessment Which is better? It is an important aspect of Writing
Tool - necessary for creative writing (style)
Varied sentence structures (different lengths and types of sentences) to create a particular effect Forum Allows quick commenting Does not have a limit on number of comments (track changes have a maximum of 8) Everything is on one webpage Creates an online dialogue among students on the paragraph written. did you teach comma rules? Q & A Write each rule on one leg Students' Work
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