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Film Studies: Unit 6 - Four Quadrant Films

No description

john meehan

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Film Studies: Unit 6 - Four Quadrant Films

How does "Raiders of the Lost Ark" differ from "Die Hard?" In which ways are the two films similar? Is "Die Hard" a four quadrant film?

Turn in a typed reflection paper (5 paragraphs) in which you address the similarities and differences between these two films and their respective appeal.
Take-Home Exam (Due 12/3)
The most lucrative films in history are deliberately designed to have a FOUR QUADRANT APPEAL.
"The Four Quadrant Film"
What makes "Raiders of the Lost Ark" work for a four-quadrant audience? Defend your argument in a well-reasoned academic paragraph submitted to Edmodo by the start of Thursday's class.
Unit 6: Four-Quadrant Films
(and the evolution of the MPAA)
"Willful suspension of disbelief"


"Breaking the fourth wall"
character speaks directly to audience
(remember Samuel Taylor Coleridge?)
Coarse Language
Drug Use
Adult themes
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