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OGX Pipeline- PBLS 2013

No description

Monique Tran

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of OGX Pipeline- PBLS 2013

PBLS 2013
OGX Pipeline
How to Search:
After EP has been Matched
Plane Tickets
Health Insurance
VPOGX's Podio: AIESEC United States > Outgoing Exchange > Insurance > Add EP to Get ISIC Card
OPS (Outgoing Preparation Seminar)
Relationship with EP while abroad
How are the conditions?
Any problems or issues?
Culture shock?
Cool or positive experiences?
Reintegration Seminar
Experience Sharing
Reverse Culture Shock
Name and
If you had to lose one of your 5 senses, what would it be and why?
Never Have I Ever "Game"
Expectation Settings
Popcorn Style
What do you expect out of this conference?
What do you expect to learn?
Why are you here?
Difference between &
Everything AIESEC exists here
and more! of international internships & volunteer programs
(goal= match TN ID to EP ID)
TN Managers
People Sourcing TNs
EP Will Not See
Only for AIESEC US (for charging purposes
Overview of Process
EP makes an account
VPOGX reviews and approves/rejects
(when approved, EP will be charged $150)
Back to
To complete raising of EP
a. go back to
b. "EPs ready for"
c. Paste EP ID
d. Save
Once MC sees that payment is complete, EP ID will be changed from "new" to "available" on
Add EP Info onto AIESEC Arizona State
and onto AIESEC United States
AIESECArizonaState> Outgoing Exchange> EP Mgmt Tab> +Add EP's
AIESECUnitedStates> Outgoing Exchange> Exchange Partipants> Add Exchange Participant
EP makes an account
EP Takes GIP/ GCDP Experience
Generate EP ID
How to Apply:
Supply of TNs
AIESEC Programmes > Supply and Demand Management >
Search TNs
AIESEC Programmes > Global Community Development/Global Internship > Browse Internships > Input Data/ Information
Committee: Specify Location
Email TN Manager with "Cover Letter"
Curriculum Vitae
Video or Skype Interview (account for time difference)
Acceptance Note
Typically, TN Manager sends AN
EP signs/ fills out info
Send to VPOGX in a pdf file and he/she will send it back to you signed and stamped
Send it back to TN Manager
Send "AIESESC U.S. Exchange Program Policies" (on Podio)
How to Manage EPs
EPs should be given restricted access to
EP manager look up TNs and send them to EPs
Keep track of EPs on Podio (AIESEC US OGX page)
Foster good relations with the EP
Questions to Consider:
How often will you communicate with them?

What kind of EP Manager will you be?

Why do we manage EPs?
Any questions or
Special Thanks To:
Kim Quach
Wake Up!
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