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Effective Fundraising Strategy

No description

Noam Kostucki

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Effective Fundraising Strategy

Vision Values Mission Objectives Needs Analysis Competitors Analysis Donors & Supporters Analysis STEEPLE Analysis SWOT Analysis Network Analysis Key Influencers Goals & KPIs Strategies Budget & Financial Forecast Organisation DNA Direction Reality Check! Operations Business Plan Initiatives / Projects Business Plan Strategies Delivery Marketing & PR Stakeholder Engagement Fundraising Monitoring & Evaluation Risk Management Knowledge Management Initiative / Project DNA Direction Reality Check! Operations Fundraising Strategy Funding Sources Knowledge Major Donors Corporate Trusts & Foundations Statutory Community (online & offline) Trading Fundraising Facts & Figures Fundraising
Sources ROI & SROI Engagement Spiral Acquisition Retention Development iTREE Chart initiative Task Responsible Extras ETA Case for Support Why, How, What? The Power of Stories Simon Sinek
How great leaders inspire action Charity Water Ken Burnett
Truth Well Told HOUCH Houch is a quiet 15 year old, with innocent eyes and a geniune smile. He is the youngest boy who actually lives at Tiny Toones. He comes from Batambang, in the North of Cambodia where his parents and six siblings live. In 2008, he saw a Tiny Toones performance there while he was living on the streets and asked if he could come to learn breakdance. Since then he has lived with KK and Tiny Toones. Houch has not been home since he left his city. He misses his family, but he is happy to be here where he can live healthy and free of drugs.

At first, Houch only studied Khmer and breakdance at Tiny Toones. Today, he is on a Tiny Toones school scholarship at public school. He is now in grade seven, and thankful to have a place to both work and study. He describes Tiny Toones as a good place, because it gives kids jobs and offers drug prevention. When he is at the center, he is required to watch the younger children and make sure they attend classes. Also, his contract requires that he attends school. Like the eleven other who live at the center, Tiny Toones is his life.

Without Tiny Toones, Houch says he would still be living on the streets in Batambang. He would be trying to work for small money to buy drugs. His stepfather drives a moto taxi, and his mother sells vegetables at the local market. Houch has bigger plans for his own future. He wants to be an English teacher, and he is confident that hard work and studying will get him to that goal. As Hip Hop grows in popularity he hopes to see more and more Cambodian children come to Tiny Toones. Ownership & Implementation Democratic Workplace Chaordic Strategy ROWE Dan Pink
Science of Motivation Ricardo Semler
Don't stop asking why http://bit.ly/birthchaordicage Noam Kostucki Profile: www.about.me/noamkos
LinkedIn: www.bit.ly/noamkos
Email: noam@seeducation.org www.bit.ly/fundraisingstrategy "Everyone has a plan... Noam Kostucki ... until they get punched in the face" Mike Tyson How do you feel about planning? "Effective" Fundraising? Ricardo Semler
Innovation Jack Henderson Link to website: http://bit.ly/bDpNVw To help people live longer and happier Good Better SWOT Analysis STEEPLE Analysis Have a goal: don't be a penguin! It cost £500 to organize a sponsored cycle event (including staff time). As a result, £1,500 is raised.

What is the ROI in percentage terms? Sally spends a total of 35 hours completing a funding application form. Her hourly rate is £25. As a result, the organization is awarded a grant of £50,000.

What is the ROI in percentage terms? One Water
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