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Miss Kelly's Open House

This Prezi is for new families to Miss Kelly's Class

Deirdre Kelly

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Miss Kelly's Open House

Welcome to Miss Kelly's Class
Our Time Together
It's a different kind of class!
The Program
This presentation is for families who are new to Miss Kelly's Class!
Tips For Parents
info that just might come in handy!
Intermediate Classes:
"Gifted Class"
exactly the same for every class/student
focused solely on core academics
acceleration of curriculum
"Miss Kelly's Class"
differentiated instruction
focused on the Whole Child
depth and breadth of understanding
...content ...process
...product ...affectives
Our Content Includes:
Knowledge Questioning
Research & Exploration Self Assessment
Problem Solving Cognition Training
Leadership Communication
Production/Performance Goal Setting/Planning
Cognition Training
Teaching kids HOW to think, not WHAT to think!
, and
the skills and processes that make up good thinking.
By weaving the
discussion and analysis
of thinking into our activities and productions.
By studying
the habits of good thinkers
, those people in our society and in our history who have been celebrated for their thinking abilities!
about our thinking processes.
How do we teach kids how to think?
The Thinkers' Toolbox
Put To Other Uses
Good thinkers use thinking skills with
evaluate themselves
before, during, and after a task.
“Morning Munchies”
AM Work Block
Lunch/Game Time
Computer Lab*
PM Work Block
Journal/Wrap Up
Primary Class:
“Morning Munchies”
Work Block
Snack/Game Time
Work Block
Wrap Up
Creativity Development
How Do We Do What We Do?
Short-term Tasks:
isolated skill development
inter-/intra-personal skill development
creative/critical thinking development
Long-term Tasks:
information management (research)
problem-solving tasks/projects
Work Time:
we usually start all together and then break out
work "solo", work "near", work "together"
… some kids LOVE it.
… some kids HATE it - especially perfectionists & small-comfort-zone kids.
… some kids don’t yet know how to handle it.
… either way, these children have to learn to work within it – it is often a significant part of their inner-world and their outer-world.
Ambiguity... many of our tasks have uncertain outcomes and multiple pathways:
Things often take longer than they take.
Miss Kelly’s Worry-o-meter: When in doubt, take a deep breath, make a plan for tomorrow, and go to bed.
Website is *usually* updated weekly.
Check out our blog!
Travel Folders should be seen and
signed each week
A Few Things to Keep in mind:
Model & Discuss - the habits and behaviors of Good Thinking.
Encourage & Expose - the more information they have access
to, the more rich their thinking can be.
Novelty & Challenge - two things Gifted brains love!
Listen & Measure - listen well and measure your responses.
(judgments, rescues, and ownership - oh my!)
Build Independence - let them do it!
What's the Parent of Gifted Learner to Do?
Travel Folders
Healthy Snacks
Socks & GSSOS
Daily Details:
We Sure Could Use:
Gift Cards: iTunes (music and apps), Amazon, Michaels, Target, Staples
Big Ticket Item: High Volume Electric Three-Hole Punch
Miss Kelly's email
Problem Solving
Inductive/Deductive Reasoning
Personal Growth
risk taking
self-directed learning
task commitment
independent learning
active participation
Communicating Effectively
detecting bias
understanding your audience
organizing thoughts
explaining ideas clearly
Schedule Details:
Once weekly for their "Miss Kelly Day".
3rd - 5th:
- Start and end the day in homeroom.
- Lunch together in our room. (times vary)
- Meet homerooms at Specials.
How Will I Know How She/He Is Doing?
Students are assessed on their Gifted EP Goals but we also look for other markers of growth - their general progress, participation, production, and more.

Our Learning Takes Time:
~ Gifted Progress Report 2 times per year.
~ Non-graded: rubrics, self-assessments, in-class scales.
~ Progress is measured in semesters & years, not days & minutes.
~ Feedback symbols - from time to time.
~ Ask your child!!!!!
Travel Folders
Should come home every week.
It's your child's job to share his/her learning with you and ask you to sign the folder.
Work should be returned to school. We'll keep it in a portfolio!
Work that comes home will often look half-baked and that's OK. (Don't finish it at home!) We often focus on process rather than taking each task from start to finish, or even neatness or correctness. It's about developing our thinking skills in the time we have together!
Forgotten folders - Please don't rescue your child!
encourage trial and error
recognize progress & accept imperfections
recognize & support self-made goals
give honest evaluations... infrequently... it's better to support self-evaluation skills
foster independence
help him/her recognize strengths and weaknesses
expect effort, not perfection
express tolerance towards others
set a good example in these areas
encourage participation in outside enrichment activities
base enrichment activities on child's interests
plan field trips & library visits (with friends)
connect with mentors in fields of interest
provide materials that develop imagination & creativity
provide unstructured thinking and relaxing time
develop collaboration skills
Anything Else I Can Do?
Is That All? Come On, What Else?
Final Thoughts
(good smelling slip-on shoes)
Our Class Website
I thank you, most sincerely, for the honor of knowing, teaching, and learning from your child.
This Class Isn't:
This Class Is:
The Gifted Frameworks
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