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No description

Rachel Williams

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Iceland

What about Iceland
Visiting etiquette
Dining etiquette
Business etiquette
Marriage & dating etiquette
Greetings! Halló!
- Handshake is most common greeting

- Last names are rarely used

- Doctors and teachers are called by their first names

- Very few hand expressions are used during conversation

- Body language not important in conversation

Visiting/gift giving
Dining etiquette
- The fork is in the left hand and the knife stays in the right
- Dinner is usually the only meal people eat together
- Icelandic people do not dine out often and when they do, they don't tip
- Very casual about visiting
- It is common to drop in unannounced
- Shoes are taken off inside
- Gifts are not expected but flowers or candy may be appropriate for the first visit
Business etiquette
- Punctuation is extremely important, its rude to be late
- Formal attire
- Business cards exchanged during first visit
Marriage & Dating
- Marriage is not as common as other places
- Long engagements are common
- Children are often born out of wedlock and it is not frowned upon
- Many Icelanders move in together after dating for only a few weeks
- Not uncommon for many sex partners
Marriage & Dating
- Weddings are similar to American ceremonies (flower girl, bridesmaids, etc.)
- Co-habitation can be registered with same benefits as a marriage

The End!
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