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One Mile Of Ice

No description

mackenzie butzer

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of One Mile Of Ice

Pete Ralph Setting Conflict Theme One Mile Of Ice New Brunswick Ralph decides to go out in
a blizzard and their mare
loses its way. cautious caring dependable adventurous simple
minded family oriented Adventure Tradgedy INTRO The story takes place in
New Brunswick. Pete and
Ralph go on a sleigh ride
across the river. First to ride
and they run into a bit of trouble.
The mare loses its way and things
all go down hill from there. Rising Action Ralph and Pete decide to go on
a sleigh trip. First to cross the river
this year. Ralph and Pete decided to have a few drinks at the pub. Ralph had one two
many drinks. He decided
to go out on the sleigh in
a blizzard. The mare lost its way
and was headed down
the river. CLIMAX Ralph's face starts to freeze,
and all the other parts of his
body go along with it. The
sleigh stopped and ice was
cracking. Pete jumped out of the sleigh.
Ralph and the sleigh sunk down
the to the bottom of the river. Pete makes it to the shore safely. Pete is alive though lost both his legs
from the knees. Pete stayed to help Ralphs wife with the kids, but once snow came he left town. He wrote, but he couldn't deal with the winter weather after what happened. Ralph's body was found
in the spring, 20 miles
down shore. CONCLUSION One Mile Of Ice
Hugh Garner
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