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Women's rights

No description

Alex Green

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Women's rights

Double click anywhere & add an idea What Would you do if.... People only expect you to live to 44
You cannot chose your husband Cannot leave the house without a male escort

Every 30 minutes, a woman of your nationality dies in childbirth, because she cannot be helped by a male doctor, and all the doctors are male.... 1 in 3 women in your neighbourhood experience a type of abuse.
Women in Afghanistan are not allowed to leave the home without a male escort, or without being covered head to toe in a burqa. Does this sound like the life of a free woman? The majority of women in Afghanistan are forced into a marriage not of their chosing 57% of women in Afghanistan are married before they are 16. Girls can be married as young as 11 years of age. Healthcare is nearly untouchable for women If you recieve any, the education is mainly focused on religion 14% of Afghan women can read Punishable crimes?
Women must not speak loudly in public, no stranger should hear a woman in public. You were a woman who lived in Afghanistan?
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