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Religion Of Europe

No description

Miriam Tyson

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Religion Of Europe

Religions Of Europe
Europe Has many religions.There are 3 main religions.The religions are Judaism,Christianity,And Islam.These religions have similarities and differences, but they are all important in their own way.
Abraham Founded This religion is about 2000 BC.Their Holy Book is the TORAH.Their follower are called the JEWS.
The founder of this religion is Muhammad.Founded Around 622 CE.Their Holy Book is the Koran.Their Followers are called muslims.

The Religions Of Europe
By: Paris Shuler

Additional facts
Torah is the first five books of writings of Moses, believed to be given to Moses by god at Mt.Sinai.
Three main types of judaism:Orthodox,Conservative,and reform.
Jesus Christ founded this religion.Some Christians say this religion started around 33 AD.Although we are not sure when it was founded we have a general idea.Their holy Book is the bible.Their followers are Christians.
Additional Facts
Christian denominations are Usually Classed in these 3 categories: Catholicism,Orthodoxy, and Protestantism.Christiantity played a important role in shaping the western civilization. The Civilizing influence of Christianity includes Social welfare,Founding hospitals,economics,politics,architecture,literature, and family life.
Additional Facts
They Have The Five Pillars Testimony,Prayer,Alms-giving,fasting,And Pilgrimage.Their Denominations are Sunni,Shia, and Sufism.
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