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My Favorite Animal

No description

Charles Herndon

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of My Favorite Animal

My Favorite Animal Is A Dog
Boxers like to play with people they are also very intelligent, alert, and fearless, yet friendly.

Tea Cup Yorkie
Tea Cup Yorkies are very cute and fun to play with,yet sometimes they can be annoying.
Australian Sheppard
I like Australian Sheppard's because they are really smart and fun to play with!
I like yorkies because they are good dogs and fun to play with. The are also really cute.
German Shepard
Beagles are active companions for kids and adults alike. Canines in this dog breed are merry and fun loving, but being hounds, they can also be stubborn and require patient, creative training techniques
I like this animal because they are extremely cute, fun to play with, and are good learners.
German Shepard's are easy to train. They are smart and fun to play with.
This type of dog is very small but cute. They are playful and sometimes funny. They love to lay in peoples laps.
Pit bull

This type of dog is sometimes fun to play with, but they can be very dangerous if you do something they don't like.
These dogs are very cute,fun,and also very funny. They like to be held ( some of them).
Blue Heelers
Blue Heelers are very easy to train and the are very smart. They are very fun to play with.
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