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Schoolwide Plan

Site Committee Meeting

Kathy Redding

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Schoolwide Plan

Introduction Needs Assessment Reading Goal Math Goal Technology Goal We will increase instructional technology in math and Language Arts classes at Moore West Junior High. By the end of 2010-2011, 70% of math and reading teachers will have technology in their classrooms Math teachers will implement strategies to improve connections between math skills and real life situations through (but not limited to) hands on activities. In 2010-2011, the percentage of students scoring below proficient on the OCCT assessment will decrease by 10%. Teachers will implement strategies to improve comprehension, through (but not limited to) academic vocabulary, graphic organizers, before/during/after strategies across the curriculum. In 2010-2011, the percentage of students below proficient on the reading OCCT assessment will decrease by 10%. Schoolwide Reform Strategies Comprehension Academic Vocabulary Authentic Math Applications Meet the Needs of Students authentic learning guest speakers recognize and celebrate diversity Math Applications Additional reading support scaffold ELL program IEP--special education Tiger Time After School Program Highly Qualified Teachers Professional Development International Reading Association College Board AP Strategies Book Studies Technology Second Step Vertical Team ELL Classroom Management District Required Recruitment Retention Parental Involvement Two Activities a Year Parent-Teacher Conference Parent Portal Agendas Email Progress Reports PTA Back to School Night Needs Assessment Data Driven Decisions Gates CRT District Benchmarks Formal and Informal Assessments Demographics and Poverty Rate Mission Statement Vision Statement What does Schoolwide mean? All students may benefit from programs. All parents are asked to participate in parent involvement night. Our school strives to reach common goals across content areas.
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