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PBIS: August 19, 2013

Staff Meeting

Vince Lindsey

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of PBIS: August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Norms and Protocols
Please remember the following




during our time together:
1. Tech responsible
2. Positive Mental Attitude
3. Solution Centered
4. Active Listening Skills
5. Student Centered

Why Are We Here?
There are 5 whys as to the reason AMS is moving forward and owning our changes



PBIS Handbook:
The beads that you received upon entering will be used for the game.

The person with the most beads at the end of the meeting will win an amazing prize.
When you hear the following words stated from your colleagues, please respectfully ask for their beads.
1. Punch
2. Grounded
3. Stanton
4. State Street
5. We used to...
1. Heart:
We care about AMS
We care about kids
We care about each other
Do what is best for AMS
Will bring us together and ensure consistency
2. State
PBIS is now a National initiative for all schools

PBIS is what is best for kids

We have been proactive

Original documents for Pittsburgh Plan state positive supports. Back to basics!
3. Your Child:
We would want what is best for our child.
4. Real-World Example
One of our students loves the behavior card. This student loved the incentives and positive outcomes, but...
This student had several needs and attendance issues because of the anxiety of coming to school.

This student never made it to Ace status, cried at home, and wouldn't come to school.

He struggles with anxiety, organization, and is OCD. With the changes to the behavior card, we will now be able to provide the support this child needs.
5. Rewards for: Child, Staff, Building, and Community:
Changing minds and making a difference lie within the reach of any individual who is open minded. Rewards assist with changing minds. Rewards for one course of behavior and thought rather than another is powerful. Rewarding the positives instead of reacting to the negatives is a mind change for staff and students.

Discipline Data 2012-2013
Behavior Card for 2013-2014
6 Rules to 3 Expectations
The 3 expectations are:
1. Be Safe
2. Be Respectful
3. Be Responsible
New Behavior Card Language
New Levels:
Top Gun
Level I
Level II
Level III
(Grounded Changed)
Label? Place over the word Grounded
The word
has been replaced with reminder!!
Punch Card
Behavior Card
Giving a Punch
Giving a Reminder
Hole Punch
Number of Punches
Number of
Make It Ours
We will be able to merge Stanton and State Street Behavior Card systems

We will be able to close the gap by linking the card to student achievement

We have reviewed data and discipline and renewed/updated Card system to fit current needs.

We will be able to have a building-wide consistent behavior system

"Kids do not fail, plans fail"

How to Track Reminders
1st Week


3rd Week
Meet and team student: Getting input from student, collect data from weeks 1-5, behavior (card evidence) and academic. Parents notified. Consider other supports

6th Week
Review data: Writing Behavior Intervention Plan / Response to Intervention based on the data. Consider other supports

9th Week
Evaluate the effectiveness of the plan. Consider other supports

12th Week
Continue assessing

New Semester
Start over with level

Brainstorming Activity
Divide in groups of 4 consisting of one person from each of the following:
6th grade
7th grade
8th Grade
Unified Arts

Brainstorm as a group, positive re-directives for students. Remember 4 positives for 1 negative.

Materials Needed: Markers and Big Post-It Paper
Successfully Working in Groups
Positive social interactions for students. Remember 4 positives for 1 negative.

Write on Post-It Note paper
Prepare to share
Smile :)
10 Minutes
Majors and Minors Scenarios

Scenario 1
A teacher breaks students into groups. One student refuses to work in that group. The student claims out loud, “He wore that sweatshirt yesterday and he."
Scenario 2
Scenario 3
Scenario 4
Scenario 5
Scenario 6
Scenario 7
Scenario 8
Scenario 9
Scenario 10
A student is traveling to class and a teacher directs them to stay on the right side and the student mocks the teacher.
A teacher asks for a student’s card in order to give the student a reminder of classroom expectations and the student throws the card at the teacher and it lands on the floor and the student says, “You pick it up @$&@*.”
A student is talking to others during instructional time while the teacher is talking.
After several re-directions and a reminder a student continues to be out of their seat causing class disruption during instruction.
A student repeatedly comes to class unprepared and without materials.
A teacher directs the student to move to another seat to cool down and the student refuses, the teacher repeats the request and the student complies.
A teacher asks the student to to keep hands to oneself. The student continues inappropriate use of hands and disrupts the education of others.
A teacher asks a student to remain after class to discuss a situation and the student refuses and walks out of the room
A student repeatedly comes to class without a pencil or assigned work.
Small Group Sessions
Back to Previous Groups

Scenario Based

1 Student 1 Teacher

Practice Scenarios for Behavior Card

Use Information from Today

Focus on explanation on why students are receiving a reminder

Welcome PBIS Members in

Each Group
Exit Ticket
Please Complete and turn in before you leave
Never limit ourselves. We be a positive influential leader
Positive attitude is everything
We can do it!
Culturally Responsive School
Enables a staff to demonstrate cultural competence.
Cultural competence means possessing the ability to function effectively within cultural contexts that are different from your own
Out of School Suspension Days:

Location of Incidents

Physical Attack or threat thereof:

Out of School Suspension Days:

Location of Incidents

Physical Attack or threat thereof:
Ability to connect with students that are being raised differently than you have.
Culturally responsive!!

PBIS has 3 Tiers:
Tier I:
Universal for all students
80% of the student population.

“ALL” students receive in the form of instruction (academic and behavior / social-­­emotional) and student supports.

Reminders on card GAT/Days of character Grade-level assemblies Matrices Weekly incentives

Our Tier I is the Behavior Card

Tier II
10%-15% of the student population

What “some” students receive in addition to Tier 1 supports.

Tier II supports currently at AMS:

Take 5 Cool Down Area RTI CICO BIP C/A Consultation Lunch Groups Grade Level Teaming Changing of Schedule Changing School Times iCARE Team Referral Erik's Room ZAP (proposed) 99 Squadron
Peer Advisory Groups Excel
Aviator time (proposal)
Social Skills Class
Tier III
Tier III: 2%-5% of student population

What “few” students receive and is the most intense service level a school can provide to a student.

Interventions are individualized for students with serious or chronic behavior problems.

What Tier III supports do we have?

2 Scenarios do take place for teachers:

Scenario 1.
A teacher has tried 4:1 approach, eye contact, proximity, whole class redirection, verbal individual, cool-off period, and a conference in hallway.

The teacher just can't teach because student takes away instructional time.

What do you do?
Scenario 2:
Situation escalates so fast that teacher needs assistance.
Call the office for support. Send student to office!
Teachers use their tools in their toolbox.

Most of the time teachers can control behavior.

There are times when behavior is uncontrollable

We are here to support you!
No confusion:

We do not want chaos in the building

If you cannot control a situation = office

Revised SIL (proposal)

iCARE team

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