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The Maze II - 53461

Available at Prezzip.com The Maze II prezi template. Can you find our way out?

Your Prezis

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of The Maze II - 53461

98th Annual Convention

International Moving:
Weaving the Maze
Of Regulations

Separate elements

Terry R. Head
IAM President

The Most Highly Regulated
Federal Agencies with Regulatory and Enforcement Authority over
Domestic Moving

U.S. Department of Transportation
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

I wish it was that Simple
But its Not!
US Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Host of Other U.S. Federal Regulators:

Department of Homeland Security:
Custom and Border Protection (CBP)
Transportation Security Agencies
Infrastructure Protection & Security Directorate
Domestic Nuclear Detection Office
Office of Counter-Narcotics
United States Coast Guard (USCG)

Licensing and Registration Requirements

CSA - Compliance, Safety and Accountability
"Beyond Compliance"
Hours of Service
Certified Medical Exams
Drug and Alcohol Testing
Electronic On-board Recorders
Hazardous Materials - HAZMAT
NAFTA Rules - Canada and Mexico

"Protect Your Move"

Federal Maritime Administration (FMC) -
Agency with Primary Regulatory and Enforcement Authority over International Moving - In and Out of USA

Ocean Carriers, Ports and Terminal Operators
Ocean Transportation Intermediaries (OTIs) - Forwarders, Non-Vessel Operators (NVOs)

Licensing and Certification Requirements
Bonding and Liabilty Requirements
Tarriff Filing Requirements
Service Contract Oversight and Management
"Protect Your Move" - Partners with FMCSA
CADRs - Consumer Dispute Resolution Service

Food and Drug Administration
Department of Commerce
Bureau of the Census
US Dept. of Agriculture
Animal Plant Health
Inspection Service
Global Survey-VGM Awareness and Preparedness
1000 Customer - 60% Service Providers
40% Shippers

Only 4% Had Solution to deal with the Rule
36% Not yet started Planning
20% Not Aware of the new rule
20% Were in discussion
Only 11 of 171 IMO member states had issued VGM compliance guides.
Source - CargoSmart
We Found the
Way Out!

"Winter is Coming!"

is Coming

Pinewood Nematode

Asian Longhorned Beetle
Or did we?
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