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IAPS Workshop

LC Prague - (Online) Physics Brawl; International Conference of Physics Students 2017, 7. - 14. 8. 2017, Torino

Karel Kolář

on 20 March 2018

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Transcript of IAPS Workshop

Have a good luck!
Win eternal glory
Win small prize
Get certificate
Our other activities
Oral contribution
Sun 13 Aug 15:30
"Activities of FYKOS for High School Students and its Educational Benefits for Participants" in branch "Physics Education"
Future plans
Online Physics Brawl
More foreign participants
Both high school and university students
Physics Brawl (in Prague)
Participants from abroad (~ 20 teams)
Just high school
Why do we organize it?
Why we aim for younger than university students?

Why we think competitions are beneficial for them?
Physics Brawls
LC Prague
Charles University
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

What is this workshop about?
After this short introduction -> you are going to try shorter version of Physics Brawl here!
ICPS 2017, Torino
IAPS Workshop

IAPS members’ ideas worth spreading
Karel Kolář
Daniel Dupkala
Tomáš Hrbek

(Online) Physics Brawl
in general
Competitions for teams of up to 5 people
Solving physics problems
3 hours
For each solved problem a team receives points and new problem
We organize:
Thank you for your attention!
The activities of FYKOS are funded by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University and its mostly organized by the students of the Faculty.
This presentation was supported by the Charles University, project GA UK No 188515.
Talk to us!
Rules for this workshop
Make teams of ?? (max 8 teams, ~ same number of participants).
You can use anything (books, cell phones), but you are allowed to communicate only within the team and with us.
Teams have names according to colors of paper
(the person handing in the solution cannot be colorblind)
For a right answer, you receive points and another task. For a bad answer you receive nothing, but you can still solve the problem for less points. You receive 5 points if your first solution was right, otherwise 3, 2 or 1 p.
The winner is the team with highest sum of points.
How are the solutions handed in?
I show you.
Approx 30 minutes for solving
Karel is always right.
a bit different to Physics Brawl and simplified
Online Physics Brawl - for anyone
Physics Brawl - for "high school"
Fyzikální Náboj - international coop.
Náboj Junior - for 8 - 9 grade
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