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Building Global Citizenship Studies, Stanford SHREI Presentation

Global Studies Curriculum Development

Patricia L. Gibbs Stayte

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of Building Global Citizenship Studies, Stanford SHREI Presentation

Building Human Rights - Global Citizenship / Studies:
A faculty member in Econ who is active in working with the Econ Micro- Credit Club to bring in Econ related speakers who have businesses dedicated to serving humanity and human rights.
Brian Evans & Yuki

Students have a United Nations club dedicated to working towards United Nations Human Rights goals.

2. Gather data on existing related programs at other colleges
A Curricular Map for Community College Instructional Design Development
Case Study - Foothill College 2013-2014
by Patricia Gibbs Stayte, Ph.D.
Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, California

Key Resource People
1. Identify current / existing group(s) at OTHER colleges and universities working on similar / related material...
SHREI related resource people and alumni fellows
Your campus curriculum articulation officer
Or more specifically...
Foothill ANTH / SOC faculty work with a group formed through the AACU "Give Students a COMPASS" project that is on Global Citizenship. See: http://www.aacu.org/compass/
Three of the main people are at West Valley College.
See: http://www.westvalley.edu/committees/Global_Citizenship/
3. Put out a campus-wide call for those interested in Human Rights to form a workgroup around curriculum development in this area.
This keeps the curriculum development process more interdisciplinary and inclusive rather than unilateral and exclusive.
An existing group, led by one Anthropology and one Sociology professor, became a place @ Foothill, a key group, that drew attention from around the campus. It is the Global Studies / Citizenship Workgroup
If no such group exists at your institution, form one.
5. Compile an audit of possible / eligible existing coursework at your college...
Discuss in your Global Citizenship / Studies
/ Human Rights Curricular Group or
In House College Network
6. Explore current / existing curriculum at other colleges and universities with your Global Studies / Human Rights Curricular Group
Transfer rates (how likely is it that your students will be able to successfully transfer?
Cultural fit (whether or not the curriculum will be well received in your area – how well it fits with surrounding culture)
Are there similar programs directly around your College? If so, is that a benefit or a detriment?
Berkeley City College's Global Studies program: http://www.berkeleycitycollege.edu/wp/global_studies/files/2013/07/BCC_2013_15_GlobalStudies_Degree.pdf
And... Foothill's sister college, DeAnza College has a Global Studies AA and Certificate at:

Consider things like ...
8. Will you have a DIRECT or FIELD transfer approach?
If you have a DIRECT approach, build a program model that fits ONE OR TWO transfer institutions using existing coursework. Develop / create / write necessary new coursework.
2013/14 CCCCO requires one articulation agreement by major with 51% of the courses articulated.
If you have a FIELD approach, build a program model that fits MANY transfer institutions using existing coursework. Develop / create / write necessary new coursework.
Related Documents
Brother Iz "Over the Rainbow"
Playing for Change "Stand By Me"
Campus Curriculum
Articulation Officer
Foothill College
Los Altos Hills, California
A California Community College

How could you SUCCESSFULLY internationalize the curriculum at a California Community College?

4 key instructional design
(modules) to be put in EXISTING COURSES.
(Stanford SHREI Fellows Keith Lee, Preston Nii and Patricia Gibbs Stayte took this approach)
add to existing programs. Although SHREI Fellows have dedicated HR themes (Jordan Hayes, Erica Onugha...) to existing courses, as yet, no new course has been developed.

4) Development of a
(at the Certificate or AA level).
As of February, 2014, Foothill's Global Citizenship Committee looked closely at UC Santa Barbara's Global Studies program as a possible direct transfer institution from a Foothill AA program in Global Citizenship / Studies. However, UCSB's transfer rate was very low.
See more about the UCSB Global and International Studies program at http://www.global.ucsb.edu/home
A new program could use both existing and new coursework that is designed to be a terminal program and / or for transfer to Bachelor's degree programs at 4 year schools.
One of 112 California Community Colleges
2.4 million students system wide
18,000 students
350 Faculty & Staff
50 student clubs
1,500 courses
100 Certificate programs
79 A.A. degree programs
The California Community College Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) - Curriculum http://curriculum.cccco.edu/

Mission College, Santa Clara
Global Studies Certificate & AA Program

DeAnza College, Cupertino
Global Studies Certificate & AA Program
1) Campus groups or individuals working on similar / related issues.
(Stanford SHREI Fellows Scott Lankford and Erica Onugha "Academia in Action: Human Rights and Global Citizenship",took this approach)
Mission College, Santa Clara
Global Studies Program
Total Program A.A Requirements
35.0-.36.0 Semester Units in 8 Different Areas
Program Pending Discontinuation
DeAnza College, Cupertino
Global Studies (53-68 Quarter units)
General Education (31-42 units) + electives
Total 90 Quarter Units Required
No Graduates - Pending Discontinuation
Foothill SHREI Fellows
Scott Lankford
Keith Lee
Preston Ni
Gibbs Stayte
Bernie Day
As of June 2014, the group has decided to focus more on the development of one or two Global Citizenry introductory courses that they will test run to gauge enrollment / student interest and move forward from there.
1. Identify allies -
SHREI Fellows and other
Meet ... The Globals...

John Fox
Kathryn Maurer
...and about 15 other faculty
and student members like
Yanitsa Mihaylova, UN Club
The Foothill Global Citizenry
Curriculum Group
Kim Rapp
Jeramy Wallace
7. Focus and define -
do you want

9 Curricular Steps

Stanford SHREI Administrators & Former Fellows
Global Citizenry Program - global history, culture, and ideology and on global socio-economics and politics that provide a coherent introduction to global culture and ethics, global ideologies and world order, and global economy and development. The major also affords students an opportunity to take additional courses offered by other departments and programs in the college.

The Global Citizenship major would provide a well-rounded liberal arts degree that will help prepare students for a variety of careers in the international arena. It will also help prepare students for further study in international affairs, international business, peace and world order studies, and the emergent global civil society.

9. Challenges and ways forward
Being collaborative
Being interdisciplinary
Building something that will work.

4. Research what Human Rights /
Global Studies related programs
are in your college's vicinity.
Have they been successful?
Find out why or why not by
speaking to people at those institutions.
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