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No description

Adam Kral

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Jabberwocky

What is the Jabberwocky? It is a fictional creature from the story "Through the Looking Glass" that the poem is about. It has some characteristics that are reminiscent of a dragon. Who is Lewis Carroll? Born in 1832
Had a family of eleven
Enjoyed entertaining his family
Taught mathematics at Oxford
His most well known work is "Alice in Wonderland"
Died in 1898 Jabberwocky Reading of the poem Sources: What does it mean? After Reading After reading the poem you have a greater understanding of what a Jabberwocky is and how it acts, thus giving the title more meaning. Poetic Devices Theme of the poem The poem "Jabberwocky",
is about how the Jabberwocky was slain. To us, this poem shows how you need to always use your imagination- don't try to grow up to fast. you will never be too old for creativity. Rhyme Scheme Adds to the childish-feel Carrol was trying to create. Repetition The first stanza is repeated which adds emphasis on the cycle of the Jabberwocky being reborn. Imagery Describes the day, which is a significant one, and the dangerous physical characteristics of the Jabberwocky. Onomatopoeia Structure There are seven stanzas each including four lines. Every other line of the poem is indented. The poem features punctuation, too.
The structure of this poem contradicts the overall childish, imaginative mood, yet it has a purposeful existence since it reminds you that not everything is all make-believe. When the "son" slashes the Jabberwocky's head he describes the sound as "snicker-snack," thus adding to the general understanding of what killing the Jabberwocky is like. Alliteration Adds to childish-feel trying to be established, example: "beamish boy" End Rhyme It occurs in every stanza, helping to create flow. Wikipedia
Poemhunter.com Questions? Speaker The poem is written in third person omniscent.
One of the characters is careful and warning, which can be seen with the quote "Beware the Jabberwock, my son!"
The other character mentioned in the poem is brave "And through and through / The vorpal blad went snicker-snack"
He cares about the people around him and wants to protect them from the Jabberwocky. And he is very proud of slaying the Jabberwocky "He left it dead, and with its head / He went galumphing back".
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