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No description

Jessica Gyer

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Pre-Conference

Student-Centered Writing Conference
After the Conference...
More Reflection Notes
Watching myself on video helped me to self-critique. I recommend evaluating yourself like this, so you can improve, too!
Looking back, I think it would have been beneficial to share a specific writing strategy with the student. In this student's case, I could have given her a mentor text with a good anecdote or modeled how to write a descriptive segment (from Empowering Writers). I could have given her a graphic organizer to help with elaboration.
In her pre-conference, the student said she wanted help with flow. While I agreed, I also thought she needed to strengthen her thesis, develop her ideas, and eliminate other weaker ideas first. It's possible that in a follow up conference, I would advise on how to strengthen sentence-to-sentence connections.
Student's Writing
Student's Pre-Conference
Scored Rubric
Student's First Draft
In the future, I will remember to write notes for the students on the "Conference Notes," so they will have a reference and focus as they revise. I will also have the students write a summary of the conference, so I can see that they understand what to do next.
I looked back and made some notes of reflection:
Score: 1
This presentation details the steps taken to conduct a writing conference, including the student's pre-writing and final draft, pre-conference information, a clip of the student conference, and a post-conference reflection.

The student demonstrates a basic understanding of language and conventions with some awareness of organization; however, the student's organization and development of ideas is overall limited, earning the essay a score point of 1.
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