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Listing Presentation


Schneider Estates

on 20 February 2018

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Transcript of Listing Presentation

Selling Your Home
With Schneider Estates, Inc.
Meet Christine
Your Real Estate Broker
Christine has been working and Living in Santa Cruz County for over 10 years. She is a dedicated, full time Real Estate Broker and her average Sales / List Price Ratio is 98%.

On average, our company sells 10 homes per year and our listings typically go into contract after 18 days.

Christine is also a loving Mother of three, and she believes in giving back to her community by donating 1% of our commission to the Charity of your choice.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Your Home Upgrade Analysis
Do you have some extra funds for home improvement? Research shows that, if you pick the right project, you could see up to 150% return on this investment.

We suggest that you focus on basic maintenance first, ensuring that everything is working correctly and is up-to-date.
The first step towards closing your deal is signing a listing agreement. Once that happens, we can find the right price, prepare and market your home, and get it sold.

Question? Let's talk:
Home Selling Strategy Overview

The Importance of the Sale of Your Home
From Townhouses
We Get The Job Done
To Luxury Homes
Thank You
For your time and allowing us to serve you.
We are looking forward to improving the quality of your life through mindful real estate service.
The following presentation will explain our home selling strategy.
Christine Schneider Broker and the Schneider Estates Group
“If you’re looking for a Real Estate
Agent who’s actually going to sell your property
, we recommend Christine Schneider.
Christine succeeds where others fail;
she was not our first agent, but was our last, as her work resulted in the successful sale of our property at 915 Seabright Ave. in Santa Cruz, CA. As out of town sellers
we depended highly on her knowledge about property values
in today’s market. It proved to be spot on as we noticed a hefty increase in interested parties and potential buyers once we hired her. Sure enough, we had an offer on the table within 2 months, and we were more than happy to close."'
-Greg S.

“I worked with Christine to sell my house during summer of 2010. Not the best market to be trying to sell into, but Christine got the place sold with professional flair. From house staging to section 1 contractor bids –
she took care of everything
. I appreciated the fact that she was open to
outside-the-box negotiating.

-Scott F.
Two Realtors® (One Broker and One Agent) Working on Your Deal.
One Social Media Marketer Promoting your Property.
One web and graphic designer preparing your property’s marking materials.
One transaction coordinator working on your paperwork.
One assistant, taking care of the details.

Our Comprehensive Home Selling Strategy focuses on these 5 key areas to sell your home in less time and, on average, within 1.3% of our asking price.
Preparing Your Home for Sale

Pre-inspecting your home is synonymous to giving it a clean bill of health. By making repairs before hitting the market, you control how much money you spend and avoid unnecessary surprises once in contract.

Even if you decide not to do needed work, you will know the cost of repairs and will come to the negotiating table well informed and in a more powerful position.

Presenting Your Home To the Market
Once the property is prepared for market, it is time to stage the home and capture it in photos and video.

Our goal in the Presentation phase is two fold. First, show your property to as many qualified buyers as possible. Second, to have prospective buyers say "'Wow! What a house"' and compel them to come look at it for themselves.
Presenting Your Home

Professional staging defines a space and makes it show in its best light.

We will bring in staging professionals to visit your home prior to photographing the property. They will point out subtle changes that will make the property stand out in photos, video, and in person--and inspire potential buyer to picture themselves owning your home.

Why stage? A survey by our association shows that that more than 81% of buyers find it “easier to visualize the property as their future home” when it’s staged. Other recent surveys show that professionally staged homes spend nearly 30% less time on the market and can increase the perceived value of your home by 10%.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are the pictures saying about your property?

We will take high-end, HDR, professional photographs, including wide angle shots of your home. With 90% of home buyers shopping for properties online, these pictures will help your home to stand out.
Presenting Your Home

Professional Photography
Presenting Your Home

Professional Video
Nothing compares to seeing a property through video. This is why online properties with a video get four time more views.

We have a professional videographer create a video walk through of the house, including property highlights and engaging and attractive shots of each room.
Strategic Pricing
Buyers are naturally attracted to good value. The list price for your property in relation to the market value will have an impact on the number of interested buyers that come to see the property.

Over-pricing the property will reduce the number of buyers that inquire about your home, and will likely result in fewer offers. Underpricing the property can potentially cause you to leave money on the table.

Our strategic Pricing Model includes extensive market research, and thorough analysis of comparable properties to create a realistic and competitive estimate of the value of your home. We will position your home in the market to attract the highest possible offer based on current conditions. With an average sales-to-list price ratio of 98.7%, you can have peace of mind knowing that our model will yield an accurate price estimate.
The Power of A Team
Strategic Pricing
One of the #1 mistakes that sellers make is thinking “I will list at a high price and if I don’t get any offers, I can simply lower the price later”.

There are two big problems with this strategy.

1) The average days on market in Salinas over the past month was 45 days for SFR’s ad 32 days for townhouses and condos. Typically, after an offer is accepted, it takes 30-45 days to close, depending on the loan and property type. This means that homes are typically receiving and accepting offers within the first one to three weeks of hitting the market.

If you overprice your home, there is a higher likelihood that you will miss this crucial 1-3 week period in which buyer activity is the highest.

Strategic Pricing
Selling Strategy
Promoting Your Home

Once your home is prepared and priced for the market, it will be time to promote it to buyers and their agents. A well-executed marketing plan includes pre-, local-, national-, and international-marketing and social media campaigns.


Pre-marketing can begin anywhere from 1-3 weeks before we go live. We market your property to buyers on Social Media and to Buyers’ Agents on the MLS. This will create excitement and anticipation. We’ve found that these efforts increase property inquiries well as open house attendance.


Local Marketing
Over half of buyers rely on For Sale signs to shop for houses. Our unique, eye catching “for sale sign” in your driveway will let the local market know your home is available.

We use Facebook and Instagram paid, targeted advertisements to drive thousands of local buyers to your property’s customized website.

See an example of one of our custom listing-website pages:



The International Real Estate Market

Foreign buyers purchased 102.6 billion dollars of residential property from April 2015-March 2016, and 15% of those buyers purchased property in California.

With a growing percentage of foreign buyers in California, we are proud to be international partners with ListHub. A high-end, real estate marketing service, ListHub will put your listing on over 75 international websites, including top real estate portals in China, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and Mexico.

Social Media

When we list your home, we take a step beyond sharing your property with our sphere of influence on social media. In addition to free social media promotion, we pay a premium to boost your property to a targeted audience of buyers on Facebook in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and Monterey Counties.

This vastly extends the number of qualified eyes that see your home. These social media campaigns get your home in front of thousands of buyers, including those in the Silicon Valley area, who would not see it otherwise.



Open Houses

Nothing compares to walking into a home to determine if it's "the one". We will hold one Broker Open and one Public Open house to ensure all interested parties have the opportunity to see your home. We anticipate having multiple offers after these open houses are complete. If needed, we will hold additional open houses.

We use paid-targeted Facebook ads to promote your open house to thousands of people across Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and Monterey Counties. Our past experience has shown us that this will significantly increase open house attendance.


Targeting Buyers Agents

Over 80% of homes are sold in part by at least two Real Estate Agents - a listing agent and a buyer’s agent. Furthermore, over 70% of buyers use their agent to search and shop for properties. Targeting buyers’ agents can increase showings and boost the sales price.

As members of the exclusive Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors, we are connected with over 1,000 agents in Santa Cruz County. Through our local MLS, over 16,000 real estate professionals in Santa Cruz, the Central Valley, the Bay Area and San Francisco have access to your listing.

We use paid-targeted Facebook advertising to put your property in front of Real Estate Agents throughout Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and Monterey Counties. These ads bring your property to the forefront of agents’ minds.

Live Phone Prospecting
16+ years in this industry has proven that tried-and-true phone prospecting is highly effective. We have a database of thousands of buyers that we connect with daily on the phone, ensuring that those who are ready to buy a home like yours knows that your property is on the market.

Along with online advertising, when people inquire about your property, we will typically respond to them within seconds.
Did you know that over 18 different professionals and over 115 variables are involved in a single real estate transaction? Successfully selling your home for the highest possible price requires a team effort.

What makes this possible is a division of labor amongst our team of qualified experts. Each member of Schneider Estates specialize in specific areas of the home selling process, to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

It is this ability to do a lot of little things right - on a tight deadline - that enables us to sell your home for the highest price in the least amount of time with the fewest hassles.

"'We wish to share our experience and appreciation to Christine for all her dedicated time and effort applied to selling our condo this last March and it sold without a single hitch! Christine's professionalism and expertise is unrivaled and she comes highly recommended for any and all real estate needs. Thank-you again Christine for a job well done with much gratitude."'

-Tim and Linda C.
Telling the World About Your Home

2) When buyers see a reduction in home price, this communicates two things.

. The seller is desperate and will accept a low offer.

. Something is wrong with the house.

We want buyers to be EXCITED about your property and to come with their best possible offer. This means we need to price your property at fair market value.

Let's Close the Deal

This is an important decision, worthy of contemplation.
Please ask yourself:

Why do I want to sell my home?
Am I informed and aware of what it takes to sell a home in current times?
Do I have the professional support I will need to sell with peace of mind?

Have you taken time to sit still and allow your emotions to accept moving on from this home?
Have you created gratitude for the many benefits it has brought to you and your family?

Do you want to stay on top of things by preparing your property for sale?

Have you taken time to think about your bottom line and to be sure you are seeing eye to eye with the market’s value of your home?

Are you informed of the tax liability that will be created by the sale of your property and what steps you can take to decrease that liability?

This is a path that will build a strong foundation upon which you can move on with peace of mind. Do you want to let us help you find the best answers and solutions?


National Marketing

A majority of buyers are looking for properties online. We ensure that your property is listed on the top real estate sites, including Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and more than 125 additional real estate search engine sites.

Most popular real estate websites in the United States as of January 2017, based on monthly visits (in millions)
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