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Bugeting Project

No description

Adrian Rodriguez

on 4 May 2018

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Transcript of Bugeting Project

Bugeting Project
By: Adrian R.
Occupation: Pharmacist
Pharmacy is the focusing on safe and effective medication use in order to treat illnesses and other medical problems
copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
Houston, Texas
Monthly Bills:
Total Expenses and Savings:
If my salary was cut by 30%,this would be the immediate effect:
If my salary was cut, I would cut back my spending by-
Yearly Salary: $126,693
Gross Income: $10, 557.75
Net Income: $7,918.31
Rent: $944
Car payment: $452.38
Car Insurance: $165
Gas: $100
Electricity: $100
Clothes/shoes: $250
Phone: $70
Leisure Spending: $340
Toiletries: $124
pet care: $105
Groceries: $500
Student Loans:$1,000
New Salary: $88,685.10
Gross Income: $7,390.43
Net Income: $5,542.82

- Dining out less
- Cutting services
- Spend less on clothes
- Get cheaper utilities
- Generic Brands

Total Estimated Expenses: $3,715.71
Monthly savings Deposit: $1,583.66
Net Income - Expenses: $4,202.60
If my salary was cut, my new budget would be:
Total Expenses - Monthly Savings: $2132.05
Net Income - Total Expenses: $3,410.77
Savings ÷ Remaining Balance: I wouldn't need to use my savings.
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