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Crucial Conversations.


Mara Betancourt

on 18 February 2010

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Transcript of Crucial Conversations.

Crucial Conversations
Tools for talking when stakes are high.
Kerry Patterson
Joseph Grenny
Ron McMillan
Al Switzler
Mara Betancourt
Influential Individuals master their crucial conversations
No need to commit "career suicide"
Solve pressing problems
- Give me a lever long enough and I shall move the world.
The one thing:
Free flow of relevant information
Fill the pool of shared meaning
We don't share opinions, thoughts or feelings
Exposes relevant information to individuals
Improves the decision process
"It's the meassure of the group's IQ" (Pg. 21)
- When people purposefully withhold meaning from one another, individually smart people do collectively stupid things. (Pg. 22)
It helps individuals make better choices and they are willing to act on those decisions.
When conversations turn crucial we tend to:
Avoid them
Handle them poorly
Handle them well
And, when emotions kick in:
We are on our worst behavior
Dialogue skills can be learned
Learn to look:
Watch for conditions
Spot crucial conversations
Look for safety problems
"When it's safe, you can say anything" (Pg. 49)
Copyright VitalSmarts. www.vitalsmarts.com.
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