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Imperialism in Mozambique

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Brendan Chen

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Imperialism in Mozambique

the effect imperialism had on mozambique was more positive than negative. with the help of portugal's need for natural resources and mozambique's abundance in said natural resources, mozambique was able to modernize because of portugal's influence. once they claimed independence mozambique soon became one of the more economically stable country such that currently, because of a poor economy in portugal, more are fleeing to mozambique to pursue the more richer economy.
Imperialism in Mozambique
Mozambique is located in the southeast Africa with the Indian ocean to the east, Tanzania to the north, Malawi and Zimbabwe to the west, and Swaziland and South Africa to the southwest. Madagascar is to the east of Mozambique separated by the Mozambique channel.
Climate-Tropical climate, two seasons(dry season during April to September, wet season during October to march.)conditions can be different from place to place because of the variance in altitude. Because Mozambique is a country on the coast of Africa it has high rainfall along the east coast of East Mozambique.
35th largest country in the world
Mozambique is home to animals such as humpback whales in the coast, black rhinoceros, cheetahs, and spitting vipers
Portuguese is the official
spoken language in Mozambique with other languages such as the indigenous african languages and English
Ethnic groups of Mozambique- Makua being the most dominant ethnicity, Makonde, Ndau, Sena, Shangaan, Shona, Tsonga, and many other minor indigenous ethnicities as well as europeans(both full and mixed) and South asians(such as indians and middle eastern people)
2007 census of mozambique shows that 56.1% is christian, muslims 17.9% and that 7.3% were other beliefs mostly animism and 18.7% had no affiliation or did not identify as religious.
Africa had communist and anti-colonial ideologies spreading across the continent and many were interpreted to support Mozambique's independence from Portuguese's control.
What the opposition did to cause the need for independance
Portuguese Imperialist Antonio de Oliveira Salazar established a to be failed dictatorship in 1933. He also encouraged the immigration of portuguese people to mozambique because of the unfair treatment of the locals and the established social hierarchy, they would get the better jobs and laws against the indigenous which do not favor them.
What is Imperialism?
Imperialism is a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force. Doing this increases a country's power by gaining control of other areas of the world.
EX: British imperialism created the British empire we study today.
740 species and 232 species of birds and mammals respectively to date.
the natives response
in 1942, the regions that were in the control of the portuguese which was the majority of east africa, which was split into two areas after world war 1, was merged with the colonies after the end of companies charters that allowed them control of the areas.
soon an armed conflict broke out between the Mozambique Liberation Front led by Eduardo Mondlane and Portugal. the war lasted for a decade with the independence of Mozambique established in 1975. Mozambique is now a presidential republic with current president Armando Guebuza. 80% of the population is employed in agriculture with raw material being the main source of export.
The portuguese took over mozabique first by starting from the capitol in 1498 with the voyage of Vasco da Gama. They slowly expanded their control of the country by establishing multiple trading posts and forts. This started to bring more attention to Mozambique for the search of gold, the opportunity to establish a slave trade as well as seizing land in Mozambique and spread of religion.(The three G's, God, Gold, Glory.)
Republic of Mozambique
currently in Mozambique, they are preparing for this years re-elections with the Fremilo party nominating Defense Minoster Filipe Nyusi by almost 2/3 to become part of the ballot for Mozambiques new president.

Imperialism has made mozambique a better country by paving the way for the country to become much better than it was under portuguese rule.
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