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Chinese Project

No description

Chase Morley

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Chinese Project

Water Pollution!
Current issues in China
The Shang Dynasty
Chinese History!
About one third of the industrial waste water and more than 90 percent of household sewage in China is released into rivers and lakes without being cleaned out.
About 80 percent of the citys (278 of them) in China do not have any sewage treatment facilities.
In summer of 2011, the China government had reported 43 percent of state-monitored rivers are so polluted, they're unsafe for human contact.
Coastline swamped by red tides!
Untreated sewage is being dumped into lakes and rivers creating a surplus of red phytoplankton.
Red tides are becoming a common ocurrence in China, killing off marine life and adversely affecting the surrounding coastal communities
The Shang Dynasty (also called yin in its later stages) was founded by a rebel leader who conqured the last Xia ruler to become the leader of the shang dynasty. The ealiest Chinese wirting was recorded on dead tortise shell during the Shang Dynasty era.
The Shang Dynasty
China's economy Issues
China does not have a defenite economy but sort of a costom mixed economy.
China has a dictator for a ruler so they do not have freedom of speech but yet get to do more than a normal country run by a dictator.
All though they have a dictator, at the same time the government tries to maintain a comunist economy which means everybody is equal.
This obviously has not worked out very well because the space between wealthy and unwealthy is growing rapidly.
This means the Real Estate developers are living the high life and the poorer living in slums.
What happens is the government buys the land from the poor people for a little amount of money (which is actually a lot to them) then sells it to the Real Estate developers for a large amount of money.
More than 27,000 square kilometers of sea was covered by 82 red tides. Fish industries have lost more than 69 million yuan (US$8.6 million).

Neolithic Era
They had regions along the yangtze and the yellow river during the noelithic era.
The yellow river is said to be where the chinese civilization began.
It started there probably because there is water there for the people to drink.
China is one of the oldest civilized countrys in the world.
Thermal insulation rare in Chinese buildings
Because they dont use insulation in china buildings require twice as much energy to heat or cool as those in similar climates in the US or Europe
The World Bank said that 95% of buildings do not meet China’s own codes for energy efficiency.
Air Pollution!
The advantage that the poor people have is that they can hold out on the government until the government offers the amount of money they want to them.
Pollution has made cancer China’s leading cause of death.
Air Pollution is blamed for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year.
Yangtze River
Yellow River
Nearly 500 million people lack access to safe drinking water.
The advantage that the Real Estate developers have is they pretty much control who has jobs and who does not which is the unemployment rate.
Obviously you can see that China does not have the best economy going for them right now!
The culture of China
people out east in China are happy little people that are taught to live very respectfully.
They always respect their elders and often put others before themselves.
This sort of living was taught to them by their parents and always has been.
Ceremonies that happen in china are tipically much more formal than one here in america. Things like wedding and birthdays. Women especially dress in beautiful Kimonos and do their hair in an elegant fahsion.
Kimonos are pretty much silk robes with designs all over them. It is really a simple thing but it takes those women so long to get ready! In a typical wedding ceremony it can take the bride as long as two hours to get ready if not longer!!
During a normal wedding in china the bride and groom will change out fits as many as six times!
Notice the shoes!
Don't those look comfortable?
In China they speak the language of chinese but it takes many different forms. They use characters instead of words or letters.
Present China
China has an area of 3,704,427 square miles.
China's current military numbers are 385,821,101 of males and 363,789,674 of femals. If you can't add than it would be a total of 749,610,775.
China is currently the country with the most CO2 pollution in the air and will be for the next 50 years approximately.
What does the future look like for china?
China's population is 1,336,718,015 as of mid-2011.
This is because coal is constanly burning and going into the air.
China relys heavily on coal and that is a big cause of air pollution currently and will only get worse in the future.
China has had a dictatorship for a long time and there has been many very bad dictators.
Mao Tse-tung AKA Mao Zedong was a dictator in china. He was the dictator from 1949 until 1976 when he died.
China's population in 1900 is roughly 400 to 450 million people and now it is 1,336,718,015.
The red on the Chinese flag symbolizes the communist revolution, andit is also the traditional color of the people. The large gold star represents communism, and the four smaller stars represent the social classes of the people
Yuan and Renminbi is the current monet used in china.
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