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QR Codes: Easier than you think!

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Melissa Griswold

on 19 July 2016

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Transcript of QR Codes: Easier than you think!

QR Codes: Easier than you think!
Melissa Griswold
South Oldham Middle School, 8th Grade Math
How do I create a QR Code?
You can turn almost anything into a QR:
Free text
Anything that has a URL - including YouTube,Google Docs, Dropbox!
App Store Download
Contact Info - great for Parent/Teacher Nights!
QR Code Generator
Ideas on How to Use QR Codes in Classroom
Share Image, website, video at door or whiteboard for when students come into class.
Create mystery classroom rewards - prize is revealed when they scan the code.
Book trailers - scan code to find out more about a book
Use a URL shortener
also helps to display with QR just in case
Bitly - type .qrcode at end of URL and will instantly turn into a QR

"Snipping Tool"
allows you to screenshot a portion of the screen.
Save with a file name or copy and paste directly into document.
What Do I Need to
"read" them?
My favorite
QR Code Reader
What is a QR Code?
A QR code, or Quick Response code, is a scannable graphic that can contain content in the form of text, images, videos, websites, etc.

A great way to quickly share content in your classroom via camera-enabled devices.
Scan for my
contact info!
iOS and Android
Top Apps for iOS:
QR Reader for iPhone
Quick Scan
Qr Code Reader and Scanner
Top Apps for Android:
QR Reader
QR Droid
Quick Scan
QR Code Scan and Barcode Scanner
But I don't have a device?
QuickMark QR Code Extension (Chrome)
Could be part of a website or a document. When you right click on the image, you can select "Decode selected image"

Webcam with ScanQR App (Chrome)
Have students hold them up to the camera and scan using webcam
Tips and Tricks!
Classroom Rewards - TPT
Formative Assessment - use Google forms to create a quick EXIT slip
Interactive Bulletin Boards
Word Wall
Common websites
Personal Contact Info - qrstuff
Task Cards
Use with Apps
Scavenger Hunts
Keep the same QR code,
but change the content!
Up to 5 on
Free Account
Great for
daily use!
Tips and Tricks
Cut codes and put on colored index cards - easier to see!


Most importantly...

Scavenger Hunts
Create a scavenger hunt online
Turns questions into QR
Print out and post QR codes around the room or building
Students record answers.
Scavenger Hunts
Classroom Management with Technology
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
For QR readers, most devices with a camera and apps will work
Require students to have app already downloaded
Usually requires internet - free text does not!
Prefer one device per set of partners
For scavenger hunts, assign students where to start so they don't all start on the same one!
For more ideas
check out
Great Resources
Teachers Pay Teachers

Need help?
Please feel free to email me!
Check out my blog!
For More Ideas and Info
Classroom Management with Technology
Device Decree
Set Up
Turn on and on silent
Top corner of a desk, upside down before using them
Helps limit distractions
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